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  1. Vero
  2. Trado tradere tradidi traditus
  3. Ars artis ium f.
  4. Vinco vincere vici victus
  5. Abundance, troops, forces in pl.
  1. a Conquer overcome win
  2. b Hand over, surrender, hand down
  3. c Certainly indeed but infact
  4. d Copia copiae f.
  5. e Skill art guile trick

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  1. carry in different directions, scatter postpone differ
  2. Temple
  3. Manliness courage excellence virtue
  4. In this manner, thus so
  5. not

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  1. Terreo terrere terrui territusTerrify frighten


  2. Anteor


  3. AutBefore earlier preivously


  4. Cupio cupere cupii cupivi cupitusFlee


  5. Verus vera verumReal true


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