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  1. Fugio fugere fugi fugiturus
  2. Virtus virtutis f.
  3. Differo differre distuli dilatus
  4. Aut
  5. Ambush, plot, treachery
  1. a carry in different directions, scatter postpone differ
  2. b Insidiae insidiarum f. pl.
  3. c Flee
  4. d or
  5. e Manliness courage excellence virtue

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  1. carry away, take away, remove
  2. Temple
  3. Either...or
  4. Only
  5. Fortuna fortunae f.

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  1. certus a umSure certain reliable


  2. Verus vera verumSure certain reliable


  3. Peto poetere petii petivi petitusDesire long for want


  4. Vinco vincere vici victusConquer overcome win


  5. Ars artis ium f.Part


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