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  1. when-nation-states
  2. what-nationalism
  3. who-white mans burden
  4. Why was economic dependence important
  5. what-nation-state
  1. a when a nation had its own independent government, defends its territory and way of life
  2. b weaker country gets stronger, and the stronger country gets stronger, which was important because if the stronger country went away, the weaker country would be screwed
  3. c 1800's
  4. d belief that people should be loyal to their nation
  5. e written by Rudyard Kipling, refers to the Europeans

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  1. it showed that only the strongest would survive which was important because it influenced imperialism
  2. 1800's
  3. Europe, Africa
  4. the stronger countries dominated the political, economic, and social life of the weaker countries, which was important because it allowed them to colonize in those smaller countries
  5. colonization, colonial economics, christianization

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  1. who-westernizationmissionaries that wanted to westernize peoples of the foreign land


  2. when-imperialism1800's-1900's


  3. why was nationalism importantit shoued ones loyalty to their nation, which was important because it allowed the nation to get stronger as a whole (land, $, power)


  4. what-economic dependencewhen a countried economy depends on raw materials, weaker countries depend on the larger countries because they have less to work with


  5. what-imperialism1800's-1900's


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