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  1. who-nation-state
  2. what-imperialism
  3. when-nationalism
  4. who-westernization
  5. where-imperialism
  1. a missionaries that wanted to westernize peoples of the foreign land
  2. b 1800's
  3. c policy where one countryseeks to extend authority by conquering other countries, or establishing economic and political dominance over a country
  4. d different nations
  5. e Europe, Africa

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  1. 1800's-1900's
  2. charles darwin
  3. 1800's -1900's
  4. industrialization, congress of vienna, individual rights/democracy
  5. it showed that they wanted to take over weaker countries which was important because they would then westernize it, which was one of their goals too

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  1. why was nationalism importantthe stronger countries dominated the political, economic, and social life of the weaker countries, which was important because it allowed them to colonize in those smaller countries


  2. causes of imperialismnationalism, westernization, social darwinism


  3. who-economic dependenceweaker countries and stronger countries


  4. when-nation-statesEurope, Africa


  5. when-westernizationadoption of the social, political, or economic institutions of western countries


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