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1.) Atticus is in disagreement with Aunt Alexandra over many things. Discuss at least two matters of disagreement and each one's point of view.

Aunt Alexandra disapproved of the children sneaking out and Atticus was glad they did, Aunt Alexandra says that you don't say in front of Negros that Braxton Underwood despises Negroes and Atticus says that everybody in Maycomb knows that he does.

2.) Paraphrase how Atticus explains the mob's actions to Scout.

Atticus says that everybody has a blind spot, that they are good men.

3.) Why do you suppose a man like Mr. Underwood (who is a known racist) is covering Atticus at the jail?

Because he wants to get the story.

4.) Mr. Dolphus Raymond is evidently a complicated and interesting person. Describe his way of life and comment on its effect upon the town.

Mr. Dolphus Raymond is drunk before eight in the morning and can barely stay on the saddle. Mr. Dolphus Raymond is looked at differently by the town.

5.) Judge Taylor's appearance and his ability are two different things. Why do you think this difference exists? Does he appear as he does on purpose?

Judge Taylor's appearance and his ability are two different things because he learned in the law. Judge Taylor doesn't appear as he does on purpose.

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