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  1. members of the secretin family of gastrointestinal hormones
  2. smooth muscle contraction is correlated with
  3. steroid hormone receptor complex acts
  4. one effect of caffeine is to
  5. insulin increases the activity of
  1. a an increase in cGMP
  2. b lipoprotein lipase
  3. c as a transcription factor
  4. d gastric inhibitory peptide, vasoactive intestinal peptide, cholecystokinin
  5. e inhibit phosphodiesterase activity

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  1. destory the beta cells of the islets of langerhands
  2. decreases the release of arginine vasopressin
  3. somatotropin
  4. the ratio of plasma estradiol to progesterone increases
  5. beta adrenoceptors than when bound to alpha adrenoceptors

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  1. formation of arachidonic acid is inhibited bylow levels of sodium in the kidney filtrate, low blood volume, incresed activity of the sympathetic nervious system


  2. serotonin levelselevated during the day and depressed at night


  3. the ratio of oxygen supply to oxyen need appears to determine the level ofmaks the effects of bindingto beta adrenoceptors


  4. thyroxine can be converted totriiodothyronine in athyreotic humans


  5. primary plexus of the superior hypophysial artery is locatedin the median eminence


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