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  1. addition of serum from hypohysectomized animals treated with ACTH to cartilage explants would
  2. an increase in PGE2 causes
  3. thyroxine can be converted to
  4. the polypeptide hormone that acts to inhibit osteoclast activity is
  5. an agonist to a particular hormone would be expected to
  1. a show hormonal like activity
  2. b calcitonin
  3. c triiodothyronine in athyreotic humans
  4. d increae in cAMP
  5. e have no effect on cartilage matrix synthesis and chondrocyte mitosis

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  1. plasma levels of FSH and LH are depressed
  2. is pharmacological rather than physiological
  3. endocrine
  4. decrease in blood glucose levels
  5. increase the effects of cAMP

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  1. what portion of the pituitary gland was derived from an inward evagination of the oral ectoderm known as rathkes pouchadenohypophysis


  2. aldosterone synthesis is stimulated by all of the followingglucagon, cortisol, GH


  3. the endocrine methodology tht uses radioactively labelled hormones and a sensitive photographic emulsion to determine the anatomical location of hormones ibeta chain


  4. G protein subunit that plays a key role in determining whether the G protein is stimulatory or inhibitory in actionalpha


  5. the response of binding to alpha adrenoceptors is tomaks the effects of bindingto beta adrenoceptors


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