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  1. hormones that stimulate gluconeogenesis
  2. alloxan is used for
  3. the pituitary gland of adult humans lacks
  4. high blood osmolality would
  5. aldosterone synthesis is stimulated by all of the following
  1. a increase arginine vasopressin release
  2. b destory the beta cells of the islets of langerhands
  3. c glucagon, cortisol, GH
  4. d pars intermedia
  5. e angiotensis 2, potassium, cAMP

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  1. arginine, epinephrine, hypoglycemia
  2. media basal hypothalamus
  3. mesodermal origin
  4. the existence of calcitonin
  5. gastric inhibitory peptide, vasoactive intestinal peptide, cholecystokinin

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  1. identify the pair of hormones belong together in terms of the three defined structural categories of pituitary hormonesFSH and LH, GH and PRL, aMSH and bLPH and ACTH


  2. evidence indicates that the neurohormone that inhibits the release of prolactin from the pituitary isdopamine


  3. the release of enzymes from the exocrine pancreas occurs primarily in response to which of the following hormonesincrease cGMP and decrease cAMP levels in many tissues where binding to beta adrenoceptors causes an increase in cAMP


  4. the ratio of oxygen supply to oxyen need appears to determine the level ofarythropoietin


  5. testostorone synthesis in the leydig cells of the testes is stimulated by a cAMP mediated activation ofcholesterol esterase


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