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  1. renin is produced in the
  2. graves thyrotoxicosis is associated with
  3. absence of adequate amounts of insulin would cause
  4. the sythesis and release of somatomedins from the liver is
  5. growth of new capillary vessels is induced most strongly by
  1. a hypoglycemia
  2. b juxtaglomerular cells of the kidney
  3. c angiogenin
  4. d somatotropin
  5. e myxedema

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  1. somatostatin
  2. increae in MSH
  3. pars intermedia
  4. maks the effects of bindingto beta adrenoceptors
  5. adenylate cyclase activation

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  1. nerve browth factor has no effect oncholinergic parasympathetic neurons


  2. alloxan is used fordestory the beta cells of the islets of langerhands


  3. sympathetic neurons of the autonomic nervious system and adrenal chromaffin cells share a commonneuroectodermal origin


  4. the diffusion of a chemical messenger through extracellular spaces to its target cell is best described as being what type of delivery systemat the apical embrane


  5. the blocking of pregnancy and the return of estrous behavior in a recently impregnated female mouse after she is exposed to a foreign male is termedbruce effect


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