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  1. the only structural differences in the nune identified neurohypophysial hormones occurs at positions
  2. vandenberg effect
  3. one of the characteristic structural features of G protein coupled receptors is
  4. thyroxine can be converted to
  5. hiparprolactiremia which is frequently associated with menstrual abnormalities can be treated with
  1. a seven stretches of hydrophobic conserved residues separated by hydrophilic segments
  2. b 34 8
  3. c female sexual maturation in mice is accelerated by the odor of a male
  4. d triiodothyronine in athyreotic humans
  5. e dopamine agonists

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  1. mesodermal origin
  2. epinephrine
  3. progesterone
  4. PTH is released
  5. bruce effect

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  1. the diffusion of a chemical messenger through extracellular spaces to its target cell is best described as being what type of delivery systemendocrine


  2. a gastrointestinal hormone that potentiates insulin release in the presence of glucose issomatostatin


  3. aldosterone synthesis is stimulated by all of the followingangiotensis 2, potassium, cAMP


  4. the synthesis and releae of somatomedins from the liver is stimulated primarily bysomatotropin


  5. changes in the size of the crop sac in pigeons is a bioassay forincreae in cAMP


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