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  1. 16. This figure shows
  2. 43. ________ constitutes about 80% of circulating antibodies in plasma.
  3. 2. Lymph is similar to blood plasma but very low in
  4. 31. The serum used for emergency treatment of snakebites stimulates
  5. 21. All these cellular agents participate in inflammation except
  1. a protein
  2. b the action of a natural killer cell
  3. c cytotoxic T cells
  4. d artificial passive immunity
  5. e IgG

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  1. collecting ducts; subclavian veins
  2. they multiply and form clones of identical T cells
  3. the lymphatic node pump
  4. lipids
  5. thymus

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  1. 33. All of the following can act as antigen-presenting cells exceptthe gastric juices


  2. 23. Complement C3b protein coats bacteria and stimulates phagocytosis by _____ in a process called _____.T cells


  3. 14. Complement fixation can lead to any of the following effects exceptendogenous pyrexia


  4. 38. Cytotoxic T (TC) cells are like a natural killer (NK) cell because they bothsecrete granzymes and perform


  5. 15. ______ are secreted by cells infected with viruses, alerting neighboring cells and protecting them from becoming infected.interferons


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