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  1. interminable
  2. adjacent
  3. firebrand
  4. alight
  5. homicide
  1. a syn: descend, land; ant:mount, ascend, board
  2. b syn:never-ending; ant:brief, short
  3. c the killing of one person by another
  4. d syn:alongside, next to; ant: faraway, distant
  5. e burning wood; troublemaker

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  1. powerful family that keeps power for a long time
  2. syn:unproductive; ant: fertile, productive
  3. filled with anger over something unjust
  4. syn: regular, normal; ant: strange, odd
  5. a pause in fighting, temporary peace

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  1. availableready for use


  2. vicioussyn:pamper, provide; ant: deny, refuse


  3. alightsyn: peace, cease-fire; ant: war, fighting


  4. recompenseshort written account of one's education, work experience, or qualifications for a job


  5. hurtlesyn: speed, race; ant: crawl, creep


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