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  1. hazard
  2. dynasty
  3. sullen
  4. interrogate
  5. germinate
  1. a to begin to grow
  2. b grumpy, silent because of ill humor, anger
  3. c powerful family that keeps power for a long time
  4. d to ask questions
  5. e syn: danger; ant-none-

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  1. to persuade not to do something
  2. person who starts up the risk of business
  3. having bad behavior or an ugly disposition, evil, bad
  4. a lack of interest or concern
  5. the killing of one person by another

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  1. trucesyn: peace, cease-fire; ant: war, fighting


  2. trivialsyn:drip, small amount; ant:flood, deluge


  3. disruptto persuade not to do something


  4. dissuadesyn: discourage, talk out of; ant: persuade, talk into


  5. recompenseto pay back or give a reward


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