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  1. insinuate
  2. cater
  3. homicide
  4. disrupt
  5. recompense
  1. a syn:upset, displace, disorder; ant: organize, arrange
  2. b the killing of one person by another
  3. c to pay back or give a reward
  4. d to satisfy the needs of, to supply food and service
  5. e syn:imply, intimate; ant: barge in, broadcast

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  1. an advance indication, sample or warning
  2. person who starts up the risk of business
  3. syn:offended, resentful; ant: pleased, delightes
  4. syn: peace, cease-fire; ant: war, fighting
  5. syn: speed, race; ant: crawl, creep

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  1. dissuadeto persuade not to do something


  2. trivialsyn:insignificant, petty; ant:important


  3. catersyn:pamper, provide; ant: deny, refuse


  4. renovateshort written account of one's education, work experience, or qualifications for a job


  5. customarysyn: regular, normal; ant: strange, odd


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