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  1. Cabrillo
  2. Ponce de Leon
  3. de Champlain
  4. de Balboa
  5. Pizarro
  1. a crossed the Isthus of Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean
  2. b conquered the Inca Indians of Peru
  3. c "Father of New France"; founded the first permanent French colony in the New World, Quebec
  4. d explored the coast of California
  5. e made the first spanish landing in North American mainland; discovered Florida

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  1. explored the southwestern US and discovered the Grand Canyon
  2. founded the school of navigation
  3. sailed around Africa to India
  4. These two men, a Jesuit missionary and fur trader, explored the central Mississippi River (never reached the Gulf)
  5. founded a colony on Roanoke Island

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  1. Henry Hudsondiscovered Delaware Bay and Hudson River


  2. de Verrazanosailed around Africa to India


  3. Magellandiscovered Brazil


  4. Leif Ericsonviking who landed in canada around AD 1000


  5. Amerigo Vespuccifirst man to realized that columbus discovered new continent; America is named after him


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