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  1. Magellan
  2. Dias
  3. da Gama
  4. Cortes
  5. de Balboa
  1. a crossed the Isthus of Panama and discovered the Pacific Ocean
  2. b sailed to the southern tip of africa; "Cape of Good Hope"
  3. c sailed around the world in three years
  4. d sailed around Africa to India
  5. e conquered the Aztec Indians

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  1. in 1492, this dude sailed the ocean blue
  2. explored the coast of California
  3. discovered Brazil
  4. These two men, a Jesuit missionary and fur trader, explored the central Mississippi River (never reached the Gulf)
  5. discovered the Mississippi river

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  1. de Champlain"Father of New France"; founded the first permanent French colony in the New World, Quebec


  2. Amerigo Vespuccifirst man to realized that columbus discovered new continent; America is named after him


  3. Coronadoexplored the southwestern US and discovered the Grand Canyon


  4. Pizarrosailed to the southern tip of africa; "Cape of Good Hope"


  5. Ponce de Leonmade the first spanish landing in North American mainland; discovered Florida


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