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  1. Astrolabe
  2. who was abu bakr
  3. iconoclats
  4. mosaic
  5. heresy
  1. a believed that having icons in church was the same as worshipping idols. they didn't like
  2. b opinion that conflicts with official church believers
  3. c picture often found in Byzantine churches that was made from small pieces of enamel, glass, or stone
  4. d compass used for location of the stars
  5. e a caliph (succesor of the prophet)

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  1. believed the caliph should be chosen by muslims
  2. moral laws, holy book for muslims
  3. holy picture of jesus, virgin mary, the saints
  4. Justinian's wife
  5. doctor/ wrote the encyclopedia of medicine

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  1. bedouinspeople who were nomads in the arabian peninsula


  2. moorsmuslims who made spain their new home


  3. one thousand and one nightsmissionaries to the slavs


  4. ottoman turksinvaded the byzantine empire in 1453


  5. jihadteachings of islam to defend the faith


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