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  1. qu'ran
  2. moors
  3. Justinian
  4. Astrolabe
  5. Dowry
  1. a compass used for location of the stars
  2. b muslims who made spain their new home
  3. c moral laws, holy book for muslims
  4. d money or goods a wife brought to a husband at marriage
  5. e was an emperor who ruled from ad 527 to ad 565, led the byzantines in this revival

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  1. picture often found in Byzantine churches that was made from small pieces of enamel, glass, or stone
  2. invaded the byzantine empire in 1453
  3. parts of asia constantinople, baghdad, ghanza, parts of europe, cairo, mecca
  4. general of the army that crashed nika
  5. chemical weapon that ships had

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  1. Hagia sophiagreat buildings of the church in constantinople


  2. Sunnileaders who came one after another, controlled different parts of the islam world


  3. muslim trade routessilk road


  4. bedouinsholy picture of jesus, virgin mary, the saints


  5. iconoclatsbelieved that having icons in church was the same as worshipping idols. they didn't like


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