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  1. cyril and methodius
  2. Icon
  3. Dowry
  4. one thousand and one nights
  5. Astrolabe
  1. a collection of familiar tales
  2. b holy picture of jesus, virgin mary, the saints
  3. c compass used for location of the stars
  4. d missionaries to the slavs
  5. e money or goods a wife brought to a husband at marriage

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  1. a person is not a member of the church anymore
  2. invaded the byzantine empire in 1453
  3. a caliph (succesor of the prophet)
  4. Justinian's wife
  5. opinion that conflicts with official church believers

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  1. greek firechemical weapon that ships had


  2. Justinian Codecollections of laws that formed the basis for byzantine law under justinian


  3. Belisariuspeople who were nomads in the arabian peninsula


  4. mosaicmuslims who made spain their new home


  5. qu'ranwas an emperor who ruled from ad 527 to ad 565, led the byzantines in this revival


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