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  1. Synthetic Phonics
  2. Directionality and tracking of print are two assessments found in testing:
  3. Climax
  4. In general the best strategy for helping beginning readers to identify function words such as: to, the, and of would be to
  5. A unit of pronunciation having only one vowel phoneme is considered a
  1. a syllable
  2. b teach such words as sight vocabulary
  3. c In this systematic and explicit approach, students learn to transform letters and letter combinations into sounds and then the sounds together to form recognizable words.
  4. d concepts about print
  5. e the rising action in a narrative piece

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  1. persons presented in a dramatic or narrative work
  2. Refers to two students collaborating to create one piece of writing
  3. the way the story gets told from who (use I for first person, third person is from someone outside the story)
  4. Two consonant letters that together stand for a single sound (sh, th, wh)
  5. 1. Develop Phonemic Awareness
    2. Introduce Sound/Spelling
    3. Blend Words
    4. Build automatic word recognition
    5. Apply decodable text
    6. Word work for decoding and encoding

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  1. Letter sound correspondencemeans recognizing the corresponding sound of a specific letter when that letter is seen or heard.


  2. Phonemic Awarenessan understanding that speech consists of a series of small sound parts


  3. Clusteringis grouping information to help children remember it better, a form of brainstorming


  4. Word Wallsare groups of words having similar roots or stems


  5. PlotA Vowel and any following consonants of a syllable


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