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  1. During an instructional activity, the teacher asks a child to locate the onset of the word shop, the child would be correct if they responded:
  2. The part of a word that makes up the vowel and the final consonants within a syllable is called:
  3. Omission
  4. Rime
  5. Synthetic Phonics
  1. a A Vowel and any following consonants of a syllable
  2. b rime
  3. c sh
  4. d When words are omitted

    It may mean weaker visual tracking. Determine if the meaning of the passage is affected or not. If not, omissions can also be the result of not focusing or reading too fast. It may mean the sight vocabulary is weaker.
  5. e In this systematic and explicit approach, students learn to transform letters and letter combinations into sounds and then the sounds together to form recognizable words.

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  1. a sight word
  2. Lots of repetition may mean that the test level is too difficult. Sometimes readers repeat when they're uncertain and will repeat the words to make sense of the passage.
  3. read smoothly and accurately
  4. A final separate syllable containing a consonant followed by the letters le
  5. is listening for a specific purpose (ex. evaluation, information, entertainment)

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  1. Vowel-Consonant e syllableA syllable ending with a long-vowel sound spelled with one vowel letter (cv, ccv)


  2. Paired Readingmeans partners reading aloud to each other for the purpose of practicing, sharing, developing fluency, communicating information, or modeling oral reading technique


  3. Frustration Level90-94% Accuracy


  4. SyllabicationThe division of words into syllables


  5. Flashbacknarratives or scenes that represent events that already happened


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