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  1. Phonics
  2. In the early stages of developing word identifications such as: the, of, when, because, and and are considered:
  3. Word Families
  4. Substitutions
  5. Tone
  1. a The quality or feeling conveyed by the work that pervades a work
  2. b are groups of words having similar roots or stems
  3. c Sometimes a child will use a substitution because they don't understand the word being read. Does the substitution makes sense in the passage, it is a logical substitution?
  4. d the association of speech sounds with printed symbols
  5. e sight words

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  1. a sight word
  2. the tension created by the antagonist and the protagonist
  3. Fiction that not only takes its setting and some characters from history, but makes the historical issues important to the central narrative
  4. synthetic instruction
  5. 1. Single Consonants and show vowels
    2. Consonant Digraphs
    3. Long Vowels with silent e (CVCe pattern)
    4. Long vowels at the end of words or syllables
    5. y as a vowel
    6. r-controlled vowels
    7. silent consonants
    8. vowel digraphs
    9. variant vowel digraphs or dipthongs

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  1. A unit of pronunciation having only one vowel phoneme is considered asyllable


  2. ReflectionThe process or result of seriously thinking over one's experiences, especially those valued; introspection


  3. Bloom's TaxonomyWhen words are omitted

    It may mean weaker visual tracking. Determine if the meaning of the passage is affected or not. If not, omissions can also be the result of not focusing or reading too fast. It may mean the sight vocabulary is weaker.


  4. Non-Print Textmeans visual media other than printed material (movies, photos, symbols)


  5. When a child can break up the letters in words into their particular sounds, he/she is demonstrating the ability to:segment


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