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  1. Critical Reading
  2. Point of View
  3. Reading fluency refers to a student's ability to:
  4. Paired Writing
  5. If a teacher asks the child to locate the rime in the word test, the child would be correct if he/she responded:
  1. a est
  2. b the way the story gets told from who (use I for first person, third person is from someone outside the story)
  3. c read smoothly and accurately
  4. d is reading "text in such a way as to question assumptions, explore perspectives, and critique underlying social and political values or stances."
  5. e Refers to two students collaborating to create one piece of writing

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  1. A Vowel and any following consonants of a syllable
  2. context clues
  3. a complex development challenge that we know to intertwined with many other developmental accomplishments: attention, memory, language, and motivation, for example: reading is not only a cognitive psycholinguistic activity but also a social activity
  4. The process or result of seriously thinking over one's experiences, especially those valued; introspection
  5. Lots of repetition may mean that the test level is too difficult. Sometimes readers repeat when they're uncertain and will repeat the words to make sense of the passage.

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  1. Independent Level95-100% accuracy


  2. Implied Meaningis meaning which cannot be cited from the text but which may be drawn from the reading; reading between the lines


  3. Expository Writingrefers to a precise, factual, informational writing style


  4. Open SyllableIn phonology, a minimal unit of sequential speech sounds comprised of a vowel sound or vowel-consonant combination


  5. Phonemeis the smallest unit of sound


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