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  1. Closed syllable
  2. When a teacher teaches phonics by taking sounds and blending them together into words, she is teaching phonics through:
  3. Vowel-Consonant e syllable
  4. One way you can find the meaning of the word is by looking at the words around the unknown word. The student is using:
  5. During an instructional activity, the teacher asks a child to locate the onset of the word shop, the child would be correct if they responded:
  1. a synthetic instruction
  2. b context clues
  3. c A syllable ending in one or more consonants and having a short-vowel sound spelled with one vowel letter (vc, cvc, ccvc, cvcc)
  4. d A syllable with a long-vowel sound spelled with one vowel letter followed by one consonant and a silent e (VCe, CVCe, CCVCe)
  5. e sh

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  1. Children play the "What am I thinking of?" guessing game. The teacher identifies several characteristics of an object and then pronounces its name, articulating each of the sounds separately. Then children blend the sounds together and identify the word using both the phonological and semantic information that the teacher provided.
  2. are groups of words having similar roots or stems
  3. is a written, typed, or printed version of a piece of prose or poetry
  4. at the end of an open syllable
  5. The vowel sound sometimes heard in an unstressed syllable

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  1. Reading processIn this approach, instruction begins with the identification of a familiar word. The teacher then introduces a particular sound/spelling relationship within that familiar word


  2. Consonant-le syllableA final separate syllable containing a consonant followed by the letters le


  3. Reading fluency refers to a student's ability to:1. Single Consonants and show vowels
    2. Consonant Digraphs
    3. Long Vowels with silent e (CVCe pattern)
    4. Long vowels at the end of words or syllables
    5. y as a vowel
    6. r-controlled vowels
    7. silent consonants
    8. vowel digraphs
    9. variant vowel digraphs or dipthongs


  4. A word attack skill that examines prefixes, roots, and suffixes is called:Graphemes


  5. Flashbacknarratives or scenes that represent events that already happened


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