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  1. Types of Phonemic Awareness Activities: Segmentation Activities
  2. In a word containing an r-controlled vowel, such as shark, far, apart, the vowel sound is:
  3. Onset
  4. Metacognition
  5. Foreshadowing
  1. a the use of clues to give readers a hint of events that will occur later on
  2. b neither long nor short
  3. c is the awareness and knowledge of one's mental processes such that one can monitor, regulate, and direct them a desired end; self mediation; thoughts about thinking
  4. d The consonant preceding the vowel of a syllable
  5. e Children slowly pronounce a word, identifying all its sounds.

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  1. is listening for a specific purpose (ex. evaluation, information, entertainment)
  2. A word that is immediately recognized as a whole and does not require word analysis for identification
  3. Mental pictures created as one reads or one of figurative language
  4. Evidence from the general sense or meaning of a written or spoken communication that aids in the identification or an unknown word
  5. 1. Single Consonants and show vowels
    2. Consonant Digraphs
    3. Long Vowels with silent e (CVCe pattern)
    4. Long vowels at the end of words or syllables
    5. y as a vowel
    6. r-controlled vowels
    7. silent consonants
    8. vowel digraphs
    9. variant vowel digraphs or dipthongs

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  1. DipthongsA blend of vowel sounds in one syllable (oi, oy, ow, ou)


  2. In general the best strategy for helping beginning readers to identify function words such as: to, the, and of would be toconcepts about print


  3. PersonificationThe division of words into syllables


  4. If a teacher asks the child to locate the rime in the word test, the child would be correct if he/she responded:est


  5. SchwaA unit of organized knowledge. Includes who a person thinks and acts when planning and executing and evaluating performance on a task and its outcomes


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