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  1. the streets of Ho Chi Minh City were a metaphor for this in "Cyclo"
  2. De Sica ___________ sexuality in "Bicycle Thieves" as symbolized by the removal of the bed sheets & ordinary clothes of the Communist dancer girls
  3. the song that plays when The Sister loses her innocence/virginity; only English song in "Cyclo"
  4. director of "Cyclo"
  5. cinematic style that feels as close to real-life as possible; NO fancy editing, NO complex dialogue, NO stylized production techniques, NO AUTEURSHIP by director
  6. the three major Italian film directors of post-WWII period

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  1. neorealismemphasis on emotions rather than abstract ideas, documentary visual style, use of actual locations, refusal to make easy more judgments, nonprofessioinal actors


  2. bicycle racingone of the most popular sports in Italy, along with football


  3. black market neighborssaid "I believe in imagination, but I more faith in reality, in people. Not interested in prearranged encounters, rather in the drama of things that happen to come together;" screenwriter of "Bicycle Thieves"


  4. images"What's important for me is to create ________, often, transitory, that are like icons with meaning." said by Tran Anh Hung about "Cyclo"


  5. no plotbicycle driver who transports people from place to place


  6. cyclobicycle driver who transports people from place to place


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