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  1. An attractive African American woman is conducting random interviews on campus to gather data on students' opinions on the reverse discrimination suit filed by white students at the
    University of Michigan School of Law. Four out of five of the white respondents and virtually all of the African American respondents favor the court's ruling and supports "bonus points" being given to applicants of color. Based on this information, what is probably affecting the data collection process?
    A) faulty hypothesis
    B) misunderstanding of the subjects' world
    C) interviewer bias
    D) inappropriate research method
  2. Michael is going to survey members of the gay and lesbian student union and gather data on their personal lives, interests, and demographics to develop a profile of their membership. To be most successful and receive the most valid responses, what should Michael do?
    A) Michael should begin the questionnaire by asking neutral questions.
    B) Michael should refrain from asking for data on sexual behavior.
    C) Michael should distribute the survey only to volunteers.
    D) Michael should include a statement in his survey that he is gay.
  3. Which of the following examination formats is most likely to incorporate closed-ended questions?
    A) a multiple-choice exam
    B) an oral exam
    C) an essay exam
    D) a fill-in-the-blank exam
  4. As diversity in the workplace continues to increase, more than half of U.S. workers include which three groups?
    A) older adults, minorities, and women
    B) working class, homosexuals, and young adults
    C) immigrants, the Amish, and older adults
    D) minorities, immigrants, and women
  5. In an experiment, one group of participants is exposed to treatment, another is exposed to an application identified to them as treatment, and another is not exposed to any treatment. In such a
    procedure, the participants who are not exposed to any form of treatment, either genuine or false,
    are classified as the ________ group.
    A) placebo
    B) rival
    C) experimental
    D) control
  1. a a multiple-choice exam
  2. b Michael should begin the questionnaire by asking neutral questions
  3. c minorities, immigrants, and women
  4. d control
  5. e interviewer bias

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  1. documents
  2. strain theory
  3. reference groups
  4. bureaucracies
  5. degradation ceremonies

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  1. In her study of 47 corporations, what was the relationship that Rosabeth Moss Kanter discovered between the flexibility of a corporation and corporate profit?
    A) Kanter discovered that the relationship was direct, showing that greater flexibility increases profits.
    B) Kanter discovered a spurious relationship existed between the two variables.
    C) Kanter discovered that the relationship was indirect, indicating flexibility created duplication and waste.
    D) Kanter discovered a null relationship existed between the two variables.
    Kanter discovered that the relationship was direct, showing that greater flexibility increases profits


  2. How groups influence individuals and how individuals affect groups is referred to as ________.
    A) the Hawthorne Effect
    B) small group phenomenon
    C) social solidarity
    D) group dynamics


  3. There is a high correlation between the number of Americans who pay income tax in the month of April and the number of swimsuits sold. Which of the following statements is the best description
    of this relationship?
    A) It is an indirect relationship.
    B) It is a cause-and-effect relationship.
    C) It is a spurious relationship.
    D) It is classified as a null hypothesis.
    interviewer bias


  4. Jarod is conducting research on the homeless. For six weeks, he has lived among the homeless "24/7," sleeping on the street or at a shelter, and engaging in the same activities as the population he is studying. By doing so, Jarod has been able to gather a broad understanding of the homeless, their needs, and characteristics. In view of this, Jarod is using ________ as a method of gathering
    A) representative sampling
    B) content analysis
    C) secondary analysis
    D) participant observation
    she is using a biased sample to collect her data


  5. Patti Sue is having difficulty adjusting to George, the new office supervisor. George is quite a "bean counter" and has shown a great deal of insensitivity toward everyone in the office. In view of this, what is the most likely course of action Patti Sue and the other office workers will take?
    A) Patti Sue will contact a lawyer to discuss a class action lawsuit.
    B) They will probably resign from their positions in protest.
    C) The entire office staff will call in sick tomorrow.
    D) All the affected office workers will develop a greater sense of social solidarity.
    all the affected office workers will develop a greater sense of social solidarity


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