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Tennis Court Oath, 1789

event during the French Revolution that Jacques-Louis David painted about + date


the last time the Estates-General was held before 1789

2/3rds vote

original voting pattern before the French Revolution

Germanic Confederation

German state created by the Congress of Vienna

technical schools

improvement on the Continent (response to Ind.)

Confederation of the Rhine

German state created by Napoleon

Republic of Virtue

peasant rebellions in Lyons and Marseilles against the military draaft

Vendee Revolt

freed Haiti from French control under Napoleon

Society for Revolutionary Republican Women

female society formed during the radical phase which wanted to help the revolutionary cause

Constitution of 1795

created a national legislative assembly with two chambers after the Radical Phase

Law of the General Maximum

put price controls on important goods; failed

Republic of Virtue

the republican order created by the COPS under rational ideas

Thermadorean Reaction

result of the reign of terror; in which the leaders of the French Revolution were killed and the COPS lost power


the religious policy persued by the COPS

reign of terror

period of time in which internal enemies of the COPS were killed

Committee of Public Safety

an 12-man executive committee led by Danton and Robespierre which dominated the French Revolution during the radical phase


led the Paris Commune

nation in arms

declared by the Committee of Public Saftey in 1793; created the largest army in European history


members of the Paris Commune; people without fine clothes

cahiers de doleances

statements of local grievances


a radical French journalist who wanted the Committee of Public Safety to use national forces to crush rebellions


restoration of the Bourbons (ruler)

Estates-General, National Assembly, Legislative Assembly, Directory, Empire

chronology of French legislature during French Revolution (separated by commas)

egalite, fraternite, liberte

3 main goals of French revolution (alphabetical order)

Danton, Marat, Robespierre

Leaders of the Revolution (3, alphabetical order)

Olympe de Gouges

author of The Declaration of Rights of Women in 1791, saying that men and women were equal, and that women were smart

Declaration of the Rights of Man, 1789

a charter of French revolutionary ideals written by the National Assembly + date


royal armory in France; attacked during the French Revolution

Tennis Court Oath

result of convening the Estates-General

Louis XVI

called for a meeting of the Estates-General

Paris Commune

governing system in Paris (French Revolution)

Girondins, Mountains

split of Jacobins (2 groups, alphabetical order)


Bourgeois Phase


Radical Phase




Rule of Napoleon (dates)


restoration of Catholic Church (Napoleon)

Grand State

Napoleon's empire, excluded Great Britatin

Grand Army

Napoleon's Army

Continental System 1806-1807

anti-mercantilism; tried to keep British goods out of Europe (with dates)

Louisiana Purchase 1803

American purchase of land from France (with date)

Consulate 1799-1804

Napoleon's executive body + dates


Napoleon declares himself Emperor Napoleon 1


Battle of Waterloo

Austria, Britain, Russia

Peace of Amiens (countries in alphabetical order)

Abbe Sieyes

wrote "What is the Third Estate" , emphasizing the need for political reform and the importance of the workers

Feudal System

part of the old regime which the National Assembly abolished in 1789

Civil Constitution of the Clergy, 1790

an attempt by the National Assembly to secularize the clergy, getting rid of bishoprics, titles, and offices and instituting a voting system

Thermadorian Reaction

result of the Reign of Terror; in which the leaders of the French Revolution were killed and the COPS lost power

Justification of the Use of Terror

Robespierre's twist on Rousseau's ideas (book)


date the French Constitution was created by the National Assembly; strengthening the legislature and creating a limited constitutional monarchy


paper money given to the French to pay off debts

Concert of Europe, Congress of Vienna

created out of the fear of revolution and war in France, retracting to old regime (2 total)


Great Retreat


creation of nobles by Napoleon (dates)

The Oath of Brutus, Oath of the Horatii

Neoclassic paintings that led France to revolution (alphabetical order)

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