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Chapter 7 Quizzes Mr Young McAuley Test

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  1. a What other issues did cartoonists like Joseph Keppler portray through their illustrations?
    a. influences of big corporations
    b. all of the above
    c. current events
    d. political corruption
  2. b In the late 1800s, organization among farmers resulted in
    a. a Democratic victory in the 1896 presidential election.
    b. repeal of the "Grange Laws."
    c. more regulation of railroad and grain elevator rates.
    d. dismantling of the Interstate Commerce Commission.
  3. c What did Du Bois view as the key to everything"?
    a. protest
    b. marriage
    c. suffrage
    d. freedom

5 Multiple Choice Questions

  1. Which of the following did the Populist Party suggest would raise crop prices?
    a. a graduated income tax
    b. an alliance of urban workers
    c. the coinage of "free silver"
    d. government ownership of railroads
  2. Farmers opposed the gold standard because they claimed that it would
    a. undermine the national economy.
    b. cause high inflation.
    c. make the currency unstable.
    d. cause prices for their crops to decline.
  3. What did political cartoonist Thomas Nast work to expose?
    a. the conspiracy behind James Garfield's assassination
    b. the awarding of thousands of postal jobs in exchange for votes
    c. the secret deal behind the election of Rutherford B. Hayes
    d. the illegal activities of "Boss" Tweed
  4. In response to the Granger movement,
    a. membership in the Farmers' Alliances declined.
    b. the Supreme Court overturned laws regulating the railroads.
    c. the federal government disbanded the Interstate Commerce Commission.
    d. Illinois, Wisconsin, and Minnesota set maximum rates for shipping and grain storage
  5. In what field did the Populist Party have the most interest?
    a. government regulation
    b. transportation
    c. finance
    d. communications

5 True/False Questions

  1. BWhites accused Chinese workers on the West Coast of
    a. destroying "Oriental" schools.
    b. claiming the best land.
    c. taking "white" jobs.
    d. attacking railroad property.


  2. BWhich of the following occurred in 1848?
    a. African American men gained suffrage.
    b. Chinese Americans won protection of their citizenship.
    c. Women gained suffrage.
    d. Mexican Americans were guaranteed property rights.


  3. BThe Coinage Act of 1873 caused protest by
    a. stopping the minting of silver coins.
    b. overturning the gold standard.
    c. ending production of paper money.
    d. allowing the use of both gold and silver coins.


  4. CIn 1872, Susan B. Anthony
    a. drafted a constitutional amendment granting women suffrage.
    b. attended college to earn a graduate degree.
    c. was arrested for voting in an election in New York.
    d. formed the Women's Christian Temperance Union.


  5. CThe Farmers' Alliance did which of the following?
    a. ran candidates in local elections to end the gold standard
    b. excluded African American farmers
    c. established postal banks to provide farmers with low-interest loans
    d. encouraged farmers to disband cooperatives


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