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  1. Charles XII
  2. William of Orange
  3. English Civil War
  4. Poltava
  5. Mongol Yoke
  1. a a Russian term for the Mongolian occupation of Russia
  2. b the Dutch prince invited to be king of England after 'The Glorious Revolution'... joined League of Augsburg as a foe of Louis XIV... Mary was his wife
  3. c the Swedish king who could have beat Russia but decided to attack Poland, allowing Russia to beat Sweden
  4. d the civil war in England between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists under Charles I
  5. e the site of the battle in which Peter's revamped army defeated Charles' army

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  1. the king who had the longest reign in French history... he was characterized by a magnificent court and the expansion of French influence in Europe
  2. the English general and statesman who led the parliamentary army in the English Civil War
  3. the political theory articulated by French statesmen Richelieu that holds that the interests and needs of the state may take precedence over traditional moral and international law
  4. the complete authority over a political body
  5. the ruling family of Russia for nearly three hundred years

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  1. Stuartsa term for Russian nobility


  2. Cardinal Richelieuthe successor of Cardinal Richelieu... his bad attempts to increase royal revenue and the state lead to the Fronde


  3. War of Spanish Successionthe war between France and Spain in order to unite the two states under one ruler... Phillip V


  4. Divine Right Monarchsa king who claims to have gotten power from God directly


  5. Bohemian Estatesthe French government the agents who collected taxes and administered justice


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