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  1. Sovereignty
  2. St. Petersburg
  3. Service Nobility
  4. Divine Right Monarchs
  5. Elector of Brandenburg
  1. a the complete authority over a political body
  2. b the capital city created by Peter the Great to resemble a French city... it was built on land taken from Sweden
  3. c a group of newly made nobles who served in the Tsar's army
  4. d the elector of the Holy Roman Empire.. was able to use and expand the office ultimately resulting in the consolidation of the Prussian state
  5. e a king who claims to have gotten power from God directly

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  1. This was the treaty that ended the War of the Spanish Succession
  2. the site of the battle in which Peter's revamped army defeated Charles' army
  3. the weak ruler of Spanish... Habsburg family died out with his death
  4. the book written by Locke that said that government is created to protect life, liberty, and property
  5. the civil war in England between the Parliamentarians and the Royalists under Charles I

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  1. Frederick Williamthe Elector of Brandenburg who rebuilt his domain after its destruction during the Thirty Years' War... the great elector


  2. Boyarsthe dynasty that ruled England for most of 17th century-absolutist tendencies-restrained by growth of Parliament


  3. Charles XIIthe Swedish king who could have beat Russia but decided to attack Poland, allowing Russia to beat Sweden


  4. Versaillesthe free groups and outlaw armies of peasants who fled the Tsar and service nobility


  5. Stadholderan elaborate an extensive ornamentation in decorative art and architecture that flourished in Europe in the 17th century... misshapen pearl


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