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  1. Divine Right Monarchs
  2. Protestant Union
  3. Sovereignty
  4. Cardinal Richelieu
  5. Glorious Revolution
  1. a the league of German states that opposed the Catholic League and was led by Frederick IV
  2. b the "bloodless" overthrow of King James II that ended the Dominion and established William and Mary as the new leaders
  3. c the man who influenced the power of King Louis XIII the most and tried to make France an absolute monarchy... he believed in the idea of raison d' etat
  4. d the complete authority over a political body
  5. e a king who claims to have gotten power from God directly

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  1. a term for Russian nobility
  2. the protestants who wanted to reform the Church of England
  3. the capital city created by Peter the Great to resemble a French city... it was built on land taken from Sweden
  4. a Russian term for the Mongolian occupation of Russia
  5. the series of civil wars in France by nobles against Louis XIV's and Mazarin's authority... they were unable to overthrow Mazarin

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  1. English Civil Warthe war within the Holy Roman Empire between German Protestants and their allies... Sweden, Denmark, France... and the emperor and his ally... Spain... ended in 1648 after great destruction with Treaty of Westphalia


  2. Peter the Greatthe response Parliament passed to Charles II's declaration of indulgences... required all military members to swear an oath against transubstantiation


  3. Louis XIIIthe king who had the longest reign in French history... he was characterized by a magnificent court and the expansion of French influence in Europe


  4. Baroquean elaborate an extensive ornamentation in decorative art and architecture that flourished in Europe in the 17th century... misshapen pearl


  5. Charles XIIthe Swedish king who could have beat Russia but decided to attack Poland, allowing Russia to beat Sweden


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