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H- Modern World Midterm: Chapter 16- Absolutism Test

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  1. States General
  2. Versailles
  3. William of Orange
  4. Divine Right Monarchs
  5. Frederick William
  1. a the Dutch prince invited to be king of England after 'The Glorious Revolution'... joined League of Augsburg as a foe of Louis XIV... Mary was his wife
  2. b the Elector of Brandenburg who rebuilt his domain after its destruction during the Thirty Years' War... the great elector
  3. c the giant palace built in the 17th century for Louis XIV southwest of Paris
  4. d a king who claims to have gotten power from God directly
  5. e the legislative assembly of the Netherlands

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  1. the grand duke of Muscovy whose victories against the Tartars laid the basis for Russian unity
  2. the vision of a world in which community needs predominate over competition and profit
  3. the king influenced by Richelieu to exult the French monarchy as the embodiment of the French state
  4. the French government the agents who collected taxes and administered justice
  5. the war between France and Spain in order to unite the two states under one ruler... Phillip V

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  1. Tsara term for Russian nobility


  2. Second Treatise of Governmentthe book written by Locke that said that government is created to protect life, liberty, and property


  3. Bohemian Estatesthe largely protestant representative body of Eastern European countries reduced power of Ferdinand II


  4. John Lockethe free groups and outlaw armies of peasants who fled the Tsar and service nobility


  5. Stuartsa Russian emperor


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