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  1. Mongol Yoke
  2. Peace of Westphalia
  3. Tsar
  4. Louis XIV
  5. Protectorate
  1. a a Russian term for the Mongolian occupation of Russia
  2. b the king who had the longest reign in French history... he was characterized by a magnificent court and the expansion of French influence in Europe
  3. c the nation whose independence is limited by the control of a more powerful country
  4. d a Russian emperor
  5. e the peace treaty that ended the Thirty Years' War

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  1. the Prussian, conservative, land-owning class... allies of Fredrick William
  2. the war between France and Spain in order to unite the two states under one ruler... Phillip V
  3. the ruler of Russia who wanted closer ties to Western Europe and modernize and strengthen Russia... built a city on the coast and traveled to Europe observing the society there
  4. the French government the agents who collected taxes and administered justice
  5. a governor of provinces in the Dutch United Provinces

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  1. Stuartsa term for Russian nobility


  2. Bohemian Estatesthe British empiricist philosopher who argued that the mind is a blank slate at birth... believe in the "Life, Liberty, and Property" idea.. wrote "Essay Concerning Human Understanding" and "Second Treatise of Government"


  3. Time of Troublesthe time after Ivan IV dies when the aristocracy tries to take over during this period of anarchy


  4. Frederick Williamthe Elector of Brandenburg who rebuilt his domain after its destruction during the Thirty Years' War... the great elector


  5. Service Nobilitythe economic system of trading nations... belief that a nation's power was directly related to its wealth


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