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  1. static friction
  2. density
  3. theory
  4. mass
  5. weight
  1. a An explanation of events based on knowledge
  2. b Gravitational Force exerted on an object
  3. c frictional force that prevents two forces in contact
  4. d the mass per unit volume of a material
  5. e The measurment of the quantity of an object

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  1. Energy stored in something that can stretch
  2. Attractive force between two objects
  3. Occurs when what the scientists expect changes in the way the results are viewed
  4. net force (divided by) mass
  5. An organized set of investagation procedures

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  1. average speed, formulanet force (divided by) mass


  2. law of conservation of momentumIf a group of objects exerts forces only on eachother, their totaly momentum doesnt change


  3. instanteneous speeda device that monitors a system


  4. newtons second lawThe accleration of an object is in the same direction as the net force


  5. variableA factor that can express can cause a change in the results of an experiment


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