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  1. variable
  2. acceleration, formula
  3. air resistance
  4. centripetal acceleration
  5. constraints
  1. a Designed resrictions for products from outside
  2. b Acceleration toward the cener of a curved path
  3. c A factor that can express can cause a change in the results of an experiment
  4. d net force (divided by) mass
  5. e Opposes the mtion of objects that moves through air

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  1. To every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction
  2. the SI energy unit
  3. Energy stored in Chemical bonds
  4. The measurment of the quantity of an object
  5. a push or pull on an object

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  1. independent variableThe variable you change to see how it will affect the dependent variable


  2. conservation of evergyEnergy stored in Chemical bonds


  3. vectorQuantity that is specified by both size and direction


  4. kinetic energy, formulatotal distance (divided by) total time


  5. newtons second lawTo every action, there is an opposite and equal reaction


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