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  1. mechanical energy
  2. net force
  3. mass
  4. bias
  5. experiment
  1. a The measurment of the quantity of an object
  2. b Tests the effect of one thing on another
  3. c Potential engery + Kinetic energy
  4. d Two or more forces acting on an object at the same time
  5. e Occurs when what the scientists expect changes in the way the results are viewed

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  1. Full scale model that is used to test a product
  2. A smaller version of the real production
  3. Researcher that is responsible for bringing technology
  4. the standare by which the test results are compared
  5. Energy cannot be created or destroyed

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  1. newtons first lawObject that are in motion, tend to stay in motion. Objects that are at rest, tend to stay at rest


  2. vectorAmount of space occupied by an object


  3. acceleration, formulaFinal Velocity - Initial Velocity (divided by) Final time- Initial Time


  4. accuracycompares a measurment to the real of accepted value


  5. kinetic energy, formula1/2 mv(2) squared


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