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  1. technology
  2. volume, formula
  3. constant
  4. variable
  5. scientific method
  1. a A factor that can express can cause a change in the results of an experiment
  2. b The application of science to help people
  3. c V=l.w.h.
  4. d A factor that doesnt change when other variables are added
  5. e An organized set of investagation procedures

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  1. Visual display of data
  2. Two or more forces acting on an object at the same time
  3. what happens in nature, seems to be true all the time
  4. 1/2 mv(2) squared
  5. An explanation of events based on knowledge

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  1. control systemsthe standare by which the test results are compared


  2. acceleration, formulanet force (divided by) mass


  3. elastic potential energyEnergy stored in something that can stretch


  4. velocitythe mass per unit volume of a material


  5. agricultural biotechnologyA collection of scienific tehniques


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