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  1. weight, formula
  2. model
  3. force
  4. density
  5. accuracy
  1. a the mass per unit volume of a material
  2. b a push or pull on an object
  3. c m.g
  4. d Represents an idea or event
  5. e compares a measurment to the real of accepted value

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  1. a device that monitors a system
  2. Net force exerted toward the center of a curved path
  3. Energy stored in Chemical bonds
  4. total distance (divided by) total time
  5. The speed of the object and its direction of motoin

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  1. hypothesisA possilbe explanation for the problem


  2. conservation of evergyStored energy due to position


  3. air resistanceOpposes the mtion of objects that moves through air


  4. gravityA group of people that share similar beliefs and values


  5. momentumhow much net force is needed to change a object


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