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  1. scientific method
  2. weight
  3. model
  4. net force
  5. proto-type
  1. a Represents an idea or event
  2. b An organized set of investagation procedures
  3. c Two or more forces acting on an object at the same time
  4. d Full scale model that is used to test a product
  5. e Gravitational Force exerted on an object

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  1. the SI energy unit
  2. the standare by which the test results are compared
  3. Net force exerted toward the center of a curved path
  4. Stored energy due to position
  5. Tests the effect of one thing on another

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  1. sliding frictionfrictional force that prevents two forces in contact


  2. vectorAn explanation of events based on knowledge


  3. theoryThe ability to do work


  4. chemical energyStored energy due to position


  5. constraintsDesigned resrictions for products from outside


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