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  1. average acceleration, formula
  2. speed
  3. static friction
  4. mass
  5. energy
  1. a the distnace an object travels
  2. b The ability to do work
  3. c Final Velocity - Initial Velocity (divided by) Final time- Initial Time
  4. d The measurment of the quantity of an object
  5. e frictional force that prevents two forces in contact

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  1. Potential engery + Kinetic energy
  2. Represents an idea or event
  3. A group of people that share similar beliefs and values
  4. Quantity that is specified by both size and direction
  5. Net force exerted toward the center of a curved path

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  1. accelerationcompares a measurment to the real of accepted value


  2. gravityAttractive force between two objects


  3. weightGravitational Force exerted on an object


  4. constantA factor that doesnt change when other variables are added


  5. computer simultionsA computer used to imitate a process


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