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  1. constant
  2. momentum, formuala
  3. control systems
  4. conservation of evergy
  5. elastic potential energy
  1. a a device that monitors a system
  2. b m.v
  3. c A factor that doesnt change when other variables are added
  4. d Energy stored in something that can stretch
  5. e Energy cannot be created or destroyed

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  1. the SI energy unit
  2. Opposes the mtion of objects that moves through air
  3. A computer used to imitate a process
  4. A factor that can express can cause a change in the results of an experiment
  5. m.g.h

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  1. chemical energyStored energy due to position


  2. net forceTwo or more forces acting on an object at the same time


  3. scientific lawwhat happens in nature, seems to be true all the time


  4. accelerationChange in velocity divided by the time for the change to occur


  5. massOccurs when what the scientists expect changes in the way the results are viewed


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