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  1. heinrich hertz
  2. biltmore agreement
  3. cyrus curtis
  4. Milton Bearle
  5. edward bernays
  1. a starts ladies home journal
  2. b coined the term PR counsel
  3. c discovered radio waves in 1887
  4. d open the Texas Star Theatre
  5. e only 2 5 minute broadcasts all day

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  1. womens magazines
  2. established the wireless telegraph
  3. most critically acclaimed newsreel series
  4. 1901; became RCA
  5. first president to appear on TV

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  1. boston publicity bureauopen the Texas Star Theatre


  2. important 19th century books1st newscast of significance


  3. sir walter raleighestablished by Warner Bros in 1927 "the jazz singer"


  4. lee de foresterfather of rock n roll


  5. philo t farnsworthstarted the circus "the greatest show on earth"


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