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  1. cultivation theory
  2. 1940's
  3. H.V. Klatenborn
  4. harold ross
  5. TIME- the march of time
  1. a the new yorker
  2. b idea that media defines the world for us
  3. c golden age of photojournalism
  4. d most critically acclaimed newsreel series
  5. e CBS top radio newscaster

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  1. headed by George Creel
  2. % using certain station at one certain time
  3. trip to the moon and melies
  4. public tv was established
  5. started the first newspaper in america

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  1. Arbitron and NeilsonFox news


  2. hearst magazineTIME, sports illustrated, People


  3. walter winchellfather of rock n roll


  4. reginal fessenden1st voice broadcast in 1907


  5. 3 camera techniquewhat I Love Lucy started


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