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  1. boston publicity bureau
  2. walter winchell
  3. john ford
  4. NY Worlds Fair
  5. phineas t barnum
  1. a 1st publicity agency
  2. b the western director
  3. c started the circus "the greatest show on earth"
  4. d formal initiation of commercial TV
  5. e popular gossip columnist

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  1. headed both NBC and RCA
  2. around the world in 80 days
  3. open the Texas Star Theatre
  4. were the largest newspaper chains
  5. required all tv's to have a v-chip in them

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  1. Rooseveltfirst president to appear on TV


  2. marconiestablished the wireless telegraph


  3. sharing% using certain station at one certain time


  4. KFAXfarmers station; 1920 in Pittsburg


  5. ladies home journalearly general interest mass circulation magazine


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