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  1. benjamin harris
  2. sharing
  3. early sci fi films
  4. time warner, conde naste, hearst
  5. 3 camera technique
  1. a top magazine publishers
  2. b % using a certain station
  3. c trip to the moon and melies
  4. d what I Love Lucy started
  5. e started the first newspaper in america

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  1. TV camera
  2. started WTBS the first superstation
  3. started the 1st major daily paper
  4. 1st films with synchronized music and sound effects
  5. year jukebox was invented

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  1. Frank Conrad1st newscast of significance


  2. cultivation theorypopular gossip columnist


  3. "birth of a nation"1st modern feature film


  4. time warner magazinespersuaded settlers to come to Roanoke in 1548


  5. the smother brothers and laugh-in1st major daily paper


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