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  1. edward bernays
  2. "birth of a nation"
  3. 1940's
  4. OWI
  5. wireless ship act of 1910
  1. a office of war info, used by Franklin Roosevelt to promote WW2
  2. b 1st modern feature film
  3. c coined the term PR counsel
  4. d golden age of photojournalism
  5. e every ship was required to have a radio

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  1. set up PBS
  2. were the largest newspaper chains
  3. Fox news
  4. san francisco examiner
  5. developed constant roll film in 1888

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  1. 1927year jukebox was invented


  2. Ted TurnerCNN inventor


  3. sharingancient greek teachers of rhetoric


  4. bradfordthe western director


  5. Ted Turner1st films with synchronized music and sound effects


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