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  1. the smother brothers and laugh-in
  2. allen fred
  3. ivy lee
  4. Victor Talking Machine Co.
  5. 3 camera technique
  1. a what I Love Lucy started
  2. b father of modern pr
  3. c 1901; became RCA
  4. d 1960's TV programming
  5. e father of rock n roll

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  1. developed empirical research which was a model to analyze violence
  2. all ship radios were to be maned 24/7
  3. first major televised event; 4 cities; 3.9 billion viewers
  4. started the first newspaper in america
  5. CNN inventor

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  1. john cameron swayzefather of network tv


  2. GE, Westinghouse, AT&T, United Fruitestablished FM radio in 1939


  3. franklindeveloped constant roll film in 1888


  4. Lowell ThomasNBC top radio newscaster


  5. sir walter raleighestablished by Warner Bros in 1927 "the jazz singer"


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