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  1. rogers ailes
  2. Ted Turner
  3. harold ross
  4. don juan
  5. heinrich hertz
  1. a discovered radio waves in 1887
  2. b started WTBS the first superstation
  3. c 1st films with synchronized music and sound effects
  4. d Fox news
  5. e the new yorker

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  1. open the Texas Star Theatre
  2. 1st newscast of significance
  3. 1st successful all news radio station
  4. established federal radio commission FRC
  5. 1st major daily paper

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  1. phineas t barnumstarted the circus "the greatest show on earth"


  2. early sci fi filmsall ship radios were to be maned 24/7


  3. reginal fessenden1st voice broadcast in 1907


  4. franklingeneral magazine


  5. GE, Westinghouse, AT&T, United Fruitthe great train robbery


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