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  1. 1948-1952
  2. sophists
  3. john ford
  4. CPI
  5. david sarnoff
  1. a FCC freezes on license applicants
  2. b ancient greek teachers of rhetoric
  3. c the western director
  4. d headed by George Creel
  5. e headed both NBC and RCA

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  1. standard for tv programs
  2. 1st films with synchronized music and sound effects
  3. developed empirical research which was a model to analyze violence
  4. the western film
  5. year that transistor radio was established

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  1. 1959year that transistor radio was established


  2. hearst magazinedeveloped constant roll film in 1888


  3. Jaws by Spielsbergstarted yellow journalism


  4. lee de forester1st vacuum tube


  5. Goodwindeveloped celluloid film in 1887


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