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  1. Weather
  2. South America
  3. International Date Line
  4. Rain Shadow
  5. Natural Resources
  1. a unaltered gifts of nature
  2. b Continent that lies entirely in the Western Hemisphere
  3. c 180 degrees longitude
  4. d condition of the atmosphere in one place during a limited period of time
  5. e the leeward side of a mountain that tends to have a dryer climate

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  1. the system that results from choices we make as consumers, workers, buisiness owners or managers, and government officials
  2. the exact position of a place on earth's surface
  3. when daylight and nighttime are equal (march 21)
  4. zero degrees latitude
  5. centers of civilization whose ideas and practices spread to the surrounding areas

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  1. Religioninfluences our everyday life by influencing our system of morality, the celebration of our holidays, our art, architecture and music


  2. Countries with zero population growthhave birthrates and deaths about even, have to allow workers from other countries to fill jobs, and must sell products to other countries


  3. Servicestheory of government that says governent developed as one person or group forced all others into submission


  4. Karl Marxlinguists organize languages with similar roots into these


  5. Demandweather patterns that an area typically experiences over a long period of time


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