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  1. Metropolitan area
  2. Human-Environment Interaction
  3. Title
  4. cultural diffusion
  5. Movement
  1. a the process of spreading new knowledge from one culture to another
  2. b geographic theme that describes how and why people and things change location
  3. c part of map that what kind of info the map is showing
  4. d geographic theme that describes the relationship between people and their environment
  5. e cities of at least 50,000 or more and their surrounding urban areas

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  1. theory of government that says governent developed as one person or group forced all others into submission
  2. when daylight and nighttime are equal (march 21)
  3. study of individual consumers and buisinesses
  4. continent that lies entirely in the Northern Hemisphere
  5. Father of Socialism

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  1. Placeinland grassland area


  2. No One Systemwhen a group has supreme authority and absolute power within its own territory


  3. Traditional EconomyEconomic system where the answers to the basic economic questions are determined by tradition or custom


  4. Equatorzero degrees latitude


  5. earthquakewrote Das Kapital


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