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  1. Ancient Greece
  2. Asia
  3. water cycle
  4. Scale Bar
  5. cultural diffusion
  1. a part of map that shows the relationship b/w map measurements and actual distances
  2. b name given to the regular movement of the Earth's water
  3. c continent that lies entirely in the Eastern Hemisphere
  4. d Classical example of a direct democracy
  5. e the process of spreading new knowledge from one culture to another

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  1. population, sovreignty, territory and government
  2. Theory of government that says government developed out of the family
  3. person who makes maps
  4. the economic system where where the answers to the basic economic questions are determined by tradition or custom
  5. the side of the mountain facing the wind

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  1. Compass Rosegoods used together


  2. PrarieGeographic theme that describes the physical and human characteristics that make a location unique


  3. Deciduousthe system that results from choices we make as consumers, workers, buisiness owners or managers, and government officials


  4. United Statesdepend on culture, are lower in urban areas, and are higher in rural areas


  5. No One Systemeconomic system supported by the Roman Catholic Church


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