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  1. Anarchy
  2. Volcanoes
  3. Growth Rate
  4. Planet
  5. Emigrant
  1. a a body that orbits the sun, that is large enough for its own gravity to make it round and that has cleared its neighborhood of smaller objects
  2. b society that has no government or that is without law and order
  3. c difference between birthrate and deathrate
  4. d someone who leaves his homeland to go to another country
  5. e mountains that are formed by lava or magma that breaks through the earth's crust

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  1. shortest distance between any two points on earth
  2. the system that results from choices we make as consumers, workers, buisiness owners or managers, and government officials
  3. established Communism in China
  4. model used to study changes in population by comparing birth and death rates
  5. Theory of government that says government developed out of the family

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  1. Command Economythe following are examples of this type of economy: Communism and Socialism


  2. Movementthe quantities of a particular good or service consumers are willing and able to buy at different possible prices at a particular time


  3. Justicebody of people living in a defined territory, who are organized politically, and who have the power to make and enforce laws without the consent of any higher authority


  4. Statepart of map that what kind of info the map is showing


  5. Tropic of Cancerlatitude or parallel that lies at 23 1/2 degrees north and the northern most point of earth to recieve direct rays of the sun


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