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  1. cultural diffusion
  2. Birthrates
  3. prevailing winds
  4. Adam Smith
  5. Microeconomics
  1. a wrote "The Wealth of Nations"
  2. b study of individual consumers and buisinesses
  3. c depend on culture, are lower in urban areas, and are higher in rural areas
  4. d the process of spreading new knowledge from one culture to another
  5. e global winds that blow in fairly constant patterns

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  1. Father of Capitalism
  2. wrote "The Communist Manifesto"
  3. effect that causes weather in western South America to be warmer and ranier
  4. unaltered gifts of nature
  5. the following are examples of this type of economy: Communism and Socialism

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  1. Equinoxlinguists organize languages with similar roots into these


  2. LocationGeographic theme that describes where something is


  3. Natural Vegetationunaltered gifts of nature


  4. South Americacontinent that lies entirely in the Northern Hemisphere


  5. Preambleinland grassland area


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