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  1. Eminent
  2. Accomplice
  3. Revile
  4. Terse
  5. Trite
  1. a brief and to the point
  2. b to attack with words, call bad names
  3. c a person who takes part in a crime
  4. d commonplace; overused, stale
  5. e famous, outstanding, distinguished, projecting

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  1. hidden, present but not realized
  2. to incline to beforehand
  3. not genuine, not true not valid
  4. to caution or advise against something; to scold mildly; to remind of a duty
  5. Believable

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  1. Servitudeto bring to an end


  2. Arduousto stop proceedings temporarily; move to another place


  3. AnarchyTo pay for


  4. Alien(n) a citizen of another country;(adj) foreign, strange


  5. Terminateto bring to an end


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