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  1. Unflinching
  2. Fortify
  3. Abscond
  4. Tantalize
  5. Eminent
  1. a to strengthen; build up
  2. b to run off and hide
  3. c famous, outstanding, distinguished, projecting
  4. d firm, showing no signs of fear, not drawing back
  5. e to tease, torment by teasing

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  1. to make easier; to assist
  2. to overcome, rise above
  3. Exceeding what is sufficient or required, excess
  4. (v) to talk in an aimless, foolish, or simple way; to babble; (n) baby talk, babble
  5. To pay for

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  1. Fabricateto make, manufacture; to make up, invent


  2. Dissolute(v) to disagree; (n) disagreement


  3. UsurpTo jeer at, mock; an insulting or mocking remark


  4. Biasedfavoring one side unduly; prejudiced


  5. Efface(n) a deliberately deceptive movement; a pretense;(v) to make a deceptive movement; to make a pretense of


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