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  1. Marauder
  2. Precipice
  3. Breach
  4. Intrepid
  5. Rift
  1. a a raider, plunderer
  2. b very brave, fearless, unshakable
  3. c a very steep cliff, the brink or edge of disaster
  4. d (n)an opening, gap, rupture, rift; a violation of infraction;(v) to create an opening
  5. e a split, break, breach

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  1. to free of tangles or complications
  2. Sad; dreary
  3. To shape or cut down with an ax; to hold to
  4. scattered fragments, wreckage
  5. Slavery; any state of being bound or held down

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  1. Tantalizeto tease, torment by teasing


  2. Muddleto soil, stain, tarnish, defile, besmirch


  3. Tersebrief and to the point


  4. Comelyhaving a pleasing appearance


  5. Cumbersomeclumsy, hard to handle; slow-moving


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