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  1. Latent
  2. Salvage
  3. Fodder
  4. Usurp
  5. Hamper
  1. a food for horses or cattle; raw material for a designated purpose
  2. b (v) to save from fire or shipwreck;(n) property thus saved
  3. c to seize and hold a position by force
  4. d hidden, present but not realized
  5. e To hold back

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  1. To make up for
  2. brief and to the point
  3. to mislead by trick, deceive
  4. to give way to superior force, yield
  5. average, ordinary, undistinguished

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  1. Intrepidvery brave, fearless, unshakable


  2. Brazenshameless, impudent; made of brass


  3. Circumspecthaving a gloomy or sullen manner; not friendly or sociable


  4. CondoneTo make up for


  5. Debrisbrief and to the point


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