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  1. How did the expansion of Islam aid in the creation of international trade on the east African coastline?
  2. what was the form of political organization of the yoruba people of Nigeria?
  3. check this out
  4. The study of population is referred to as
  5. Which of the following regions was NOT one of the important points of cultural contact between Africa and Islam?
  1. a
  2. b the yoruba were organized in a number of small city-states under the authority of regional kings
  3. c Islam expanded to India and southeast Asia, providing a religious bond of trust between those regions and the converted rulers of the cities of east Africa.
  4. d demography
  5. e The Persian Gulf

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  1. the Islamic emphasis on equality in the eyes of God
  2. Difficulties of soil, dought, no technology, farmers could barely provide food
  3. Griots mastered the oral traditions of the Malinke and by knowing the past were considered excellent advisors of kings.
  4. Invasion by a Moroccan Muslim army equipped with firearms, following by internal revolts
  5. Despite great effort to shift the focus of trade into their hands, the Portuguese were never able to control trade on the northern Swahili coast.

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  1. which of the following states represents the development if Bantu concepts of kingship and state-building?kingdom of Kongo


  2. What was the nature of trade with towns east of Africa?international trade flourished in the urbanized ports of east Africa, including commerce with India and China


  3. What were some major differences between African civilizations and other post classical societies?disparities between the technologies and ideologies of Europeans and Africans also created differences in the ways in which their societies developed


  4. The puritanical reform movements of the Almoravids and Almohadis arose among what groups of people in Africa?The Berbers, native desert dwellers of North Africa


  5. African societies organized around the kinship or other forms of obligation and lacking the concentration of political power and authority were referred to as?stateless


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