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  1. African societies organized around the kinship or other forms of obligation and lacking the concentration of political power and authority were referred to as?
  2. what ruler is responsible for the creation of songhay empire?
  3. The "Demographic Transition" is often associated with what change in society?
  4. which of the following statements concerning the social organization of the Malike people is most accurate?
  5. Between 800 and 1500 as the frequency and intensity of contact with the outside world increased, which of the following had the most significant impact on sub-Saharan Africa?
  1. a Sunni Ali
  2. b Industrialization
  3. c stateless
  4. d The arrival of Islam
  5. e Malike society was divided into three groups, clans of freemen, people devoted to religion, and specialist and trade men

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  1. Difficulties of soil, dought, no technology, farmers could barely provide food
  2. rulers that extended the boundries of the empires, so that by the mid-16th century, Songhai dominated central Sudan
  3. Africa never totally isolated from Mediterranean
  4. title the king took
  5. Ethiopia

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  1. What does the phrase "equality before God and inequality within the world" mean?the Islamic emphasis on equality in the eyes of God


  2. What region of Africa was first converted to Islam by 700 C.E.?Sub-Saharan Africa


  3. How was the institution of slavery viewed in Muslim society?because their membership cut across lineage divisions, they acted to maintain stability within the community and diminish clan feuds


  4. To what extent did Islam successfully penetrate the populations of east Africa?Berbers from North Africa


  5. What was the social and political function of the griots?between Niger and Senegal rivers


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