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  1. which of the following states represents the development if Bantu concepts of kingship and state-building?
  2. Which of the following statements concerning political and religious universality in Africa is most accurate?
  3. what was the function of secret societies in African culture
  4. what was the form of political organization of the yoruba people of Nigeria?
  5. What does the phrase "equality before God and inequality within the world" mean?
  1. a the yoruba were organized in a number of small city-states under the authority of regional kings
  2. b the Islamic emphasis on equality in the eyes of God
  3. c Neither universal states nor universal religion characterized Africa, but both Christianity and Islam did find adherents in Africa.
  4. d because their membership cut across lineage divisions, they acted to maintain stability within the community and diminish clan feuds
  5. e kingdom of Kongo

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  1. rulers that extended the boundries of the empires, so that by the mid-16th century, Songhai dominated central Sudan
  2. systems of writing
  3. Mail possessed "port cities" along the Niger River sich as Jenne and Timbuktu, which flourished both commerciallly and culturally
  4. Islam accommodated pagan practice and belief in the early stages of conversion, because rulership and authority was still based on the ability to intercede with local spirits.
  5. a moral code based on one supreme god

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  1. The Sahel refers to thegrassland belt at the southern edge of the Sahara that served as a point of exchange between the forests of the south and north Africa.


  2. The study of population is referred to asdemography


  3. Political and religious universatility in AfricaAfrica never totally isolated from Mediterranean


  4. what ruler is responsible for the creation of songhay empire?Invasion by a Moroccan Muslim army equipped with firearms, following by internal revolts


  5. What region of Africa was first converted to Islam by 700 C.E.?Sub-Saharan Africa


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