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  1. check this out
  2. The puritanical reform movements of the Almoravids and Almohadis arose among what groups of people in Africa?
  3. To what extent did Islam successfully penetrate the populations of east Africa?
  4. What is a Sundiata?
  5. How did the expansion of Islam aid in the creation of international trade on the east African coastline?
  1. a
  2. b a leader whose exploits were the foundation of a great oral tradition; created unified state & basic rules for malinke society
  3. c Islam expanded to India and southeast Asia, providing a religious bond of trust between those regions and the converted rulers of the cities of east Africa.
  4. d Islam penetrated very little into the interior among the hunters, pastoralists, and farmers, and even the areas near the trading towns remained relatively unaffected
  5. e The Berbers, native desert dwellers of North Africa

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  1. Malinke merchants; formed small partnerships to carry out trade throughout Mali empire; eventually spread throughout much of West Africa
  2. between Niger and Senegal rivers
  3. Despite great effort to shift the focus of trade into their hands, the Portuguese were never able to control trade on the northern Swahili coast.
  4. Great Zimbabwe
  5. Great Zimbabwe was constructed by Arab Muslims who were trading with the Bantu residents of the region

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  1. what was the form of political organization of the yoruba people of Nigeria?between Niger and Senegal rivers


  2. The Sahel refers to thegrassland belt at the southern edge of the Sahara that served as a point of exchange between the forests of the south and north Africa.


  3. What Sudanic kingdom declined in 1076, making way for new political organizations in the region?Ghana


  4. Sudanic states of Mali and Songhayterribrial cores of some ethnicity, power extended


  5. What was the social and political function of the griots?between Niger and Senegal rivers


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