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  1. anabolism
  2. anterior
  3. medial
  4. catabolism
  5. translation
  1. a break down of food compounds into simpler compounds
  2. b cells make complex molecules from simpler compounds
  3. c toward front
  4. d toward middle
  5. e synthesis of protein by ribosomes

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  1. toward head
  2. on bones, voluntary, striated
  3. bone cell
  4. atoms-molecules-macromolecules
  5. transports materials and makes lipids

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  1. melaninskin pigment


  2. cartilage vs. bonehard, tough


  3. how does the body regulate temperatureplasma membrane, cytoplasm (with ribosomes), DNA


  4. purpose of cellular respirationbreaks down food and make ATP using oxygen


  5. lysosomesdigestive sacs


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