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  1. transcription
  2. anabolism
  3. anterior
  4. sprain
  5. homeostasis
  1. a dna unwinds and mRNA forms
  2. b toward front
  3. c affects ligaments
  4. d cells make complex molecules from simpler compounds
  5. e ability to maintain a stable internal environment (goosebumps)

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  1. porous, soft
  2. contains genetic info
  3. 1- average sunburn. 2-injures upper layer of dermis (blistering, scarring, swelling) 3-destroys dermis and epidermis (no pain nerves are damaged, infection)
  4. contractile unit of muscle
  5. muscle doesnt shorten vs. muscle does shorten

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  1. compact bone206


  2. pathogenic animals (vector?)muscle doesnt shorten vs. muscle does shorten


  3. purpose of cellular respirationbreaks down food and make ATP using oxygen


  4. tendonaffects muscles


  5. posteriortoward back


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