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  1. lysosomes
  2. rule of nines
  3. distal
  4. deep
  5. tendon
  1. a connect muscle to bone
  2. b digestive sacs
  3. c far from surface
  4. d head: 9%. arms: 9% each. legs: 18% each. trunk: 36%. genitalia: 1%
  5. e away from trunk

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  1. ability to maintain a stable internal environment (goosebumps)
  2. close to surface
  3. junction bw two bones separated
  4. gender (female wide hips), race (cauasoid round eye holes and tear drop nose), height (5'4'' femur directly proportional to height), age (over 28 skull fusion)
  5. contains genetic info

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  1. signs vs. symptomssigns: can be seen or measured; symptoms: felt only by patient


  2. types of fracturesdisuse atrophy may occur by not working out. # of myofilaments increase. healthy blood flow and heart rate


  3. smooth musclein heart, involuntary, striated, actin myosin


  4. golgi apparatus"stack of sacs" packages proteins for secretion


  5. chondrocytecartilage cell


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