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  1. spongy bone
  2. catabolism
  3. rule of nines
  4. nucleolus
  5. smooth muscle
  1. a break down of food compounds into simpler compounds
  2. b hollow organs/irises, no striations, involuntary, viceral and multiunit
  3. c site of ribosome synthesis
  4. d head: 9%. arms: 9% each. legs: 18% each. trunk: 36%. genitalia: 1%
  5. e porous, soft

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  1. toward feet
  2. toward head
  3. connect muscle to bone
  4. passive: high to low, no energy, diffusion; active: low to high, energy, endocytosis
  5. disuse atrophy may occur by not working out. # of myofilaments increase. healthy blood flow and heart rate

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  1. proximaltoward trunk


  2. purpose of cellular respirationbreaks down food and make ATP using oxygen


  3. compact bonehard, tough


  4. 4 methods of disease prevention and controlepithelial: protection/ secretion, body surfaces; connective: support/bind, widely distributed; muscular: movement, bones; nervous: transmit/coordination, brain/spinal cord.


  5. number of boneshead: 9%. arms: 9% each. legs: 18% each. trunk: 36%. genitalia: 1%


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