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  1. 4 major organic macromolecules
  2. number of bones
  3. treatment methods of cancer
  4. ribosomes
  5. cell membrane
  1. a 206
  2. b laser surgery, chemotherapy, radiation, surgery
  3. c synthesize proteins
  4. d "bouncer" controls what goes in an out
  5. e carbs, nucleic acids, protiens, lipids

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  1. breaks down food and make ATP using oxygen
  2. dna make copies of themselves
  3. muscle doesnt shorten vs. muscle does shorten
  4. away from trunk
  5. bone cell

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  1. spraintoward head


  2. homeostasisbone forming


  3. tissueconnect muscle to bone


  4. mitochondriasubstance not made of carbon and hydrogen


  5. levels of organization (chemical)self examination, diagnostic imaging, blood tests, biopsy


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