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  1. cell membrane
  2. cartilage vs. bone
  3. pathogenic animals (vector?)
  4. types of fractures
  5. ligament
  1. a "bouncer" controls what goes in an out
  2. b nematode(roundworm), platyhelmenthes(flat worms), arthropods (mites, vector)
  3. c open compound, closed simple, complete, incomplete, comminuted, impacted, linear, transverse, oblique
  4. d connect bone to bone
  5. e cartilage: flexible. bones: heals faster, more dense

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  1. disuse atrophy may occur by not working out. # of myofilaments increase. healthy blood flow and heart rate
  2. hollow organs/irises, no striations, involuntary, viceral and multiunit
  3. porous, soft
  4. water, food, oxygen, heat, pressure
  5. digestive sacs

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  1. isometric vs. isotonicmuscle doesnt shorten vs. muscle does shorten


  2. medialhead, neck, trunk


  3. rule of nines206


  4. signs vs. symptomssigns: can be seen or measured; symptoms: felt only by patient


  5. endoplasmic reticulumtransports materials and makes lipids


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