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  1. physiology
  2. appendicular
  3. posterior
  4. how does the body regulate temperature
  5. smooth muscle
  1. a homeostasis (shivers, goosebumps, sweating)
  2. b toward back
  3. c hollow organs/irises, no striations, involuntary, viceral and multiunit
  4. d study of bodily fuctions
  5. e limbs, extremities

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  1. site of ribosome synthesis
  2. plasma membrane, cytoplasm (with ribosomes), DNA
  3. affects muscles
  4. synthesize proteins
  5. substances made of carbon and hydrogen

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  1. cartilage vs. bonecartilage: flexible. bones: heals faster, more dense


  2. 8 mechanisms of diseasegenetic, pathogenic organisims, tumors and cancer, physical/chemical agents, malnutrition, autoimmunity, inflammation, degeneration


  3. skin colorationsynthesis of protein by ribosomes


  4. signs vs. symptomssigns: can be seen or measured; symptoms: felt only by patient


  5. mitochondriasubstances made of carbon and hydrogen


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