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  1. What Assignment did Asher get?
  2. What fascinated Jonas about his father?
  3. Describe the Celebration of Release of Roberto.
  4. What happened to the apple while Jonas was playing with it?
  5. What evening ritual did the family perform after dinner?
  1. a Assistant Director of Recreation
  2. b when he sneaked a look at the list of names because his father broke the rules
  3. c it turned red
  4. d it was a big celebration, and speeches were given on his behalf
  5. e share their feelings

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  1. elderly and newborn
  2. learn how to be interdependent on each other
  3. learn to comfort themselves and learn independence
  4. they have all the babies of the community/ her parents think it is not an honorable assignment
  5. their language

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  1. 8 years old; first year to do volunteer hours; receive jacket with pocketwill have to help others in the community during spare time and will now have to be responsible for their own things


  2. What was unusual about Jonas and the new child?they had blue eyes


  3. Why was the Ceremony of Twelve so important?it decided his career for the rest of his life


  4. What happened when Jonas's number should have been called? What did Jonas think?it turned red


  5. 1 year old; given to a familyare awarded to families that have been deemed suitable by the Elders


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