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  1. Chief evertors of foot
  2. Last portion of quadriceps femoris to recover following injury
  3. Paralysis of which muscles results in total "claw" hand
  4. Innervation of adductor pollicis
  5. Dermatome to small toe
  1. a Lumbricals
  2. b Ulnar (deep br.)
  3. c Vastus medialis
  4. d S1
  5. e Fibularis longus and brevis

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  1. Recurrent branch of Median
  2. Radial
  3. C8 and T1
  4. Scaphoid
  5. Iliopsoas

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  1. Cutaneous innervation to lateral side of footTibial


  2. Fracture of distal radius that produces "dinner fork" appearanceRadial


  3. Most frequently dislocated carpal boneScaphoid


  4. Major spinal cord level of nerve affected causing foot slapL4


  5. Spinal level of Achilles reflexL4


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