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  1. Last portion of quadriceps femoris to recover following injury
  2. Osseous structure palpated deep to "anatomical snuff box"
  3. Nerve injured with fracture of surgical neck of humerus
  4. Medial boundary of femoral ring
  5. Spinal level of Achilles reflex
  1. a Axillary
  2. b Scaphoid
  3. c S1
  4. d Lacunar ligament
  5. e Vastus medialis

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  1. Popliteus
  2. Deltoid
  3. Colle's fracture
  4. Supraspinatus
  5. L4

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  1. Nerve affected with fracture of head and neck of fibulaAxillary


  2. Cutaneous innervation to medial side of footSural (S1)


  3. Dermatome of thumbC6


  4. Nerve to thenar compartmentRecurrent branch of Median


  5. Most frequently fracture carpal boneClavicle


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