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  1. Muscle that initiates abduction of arm
  2. Last portion of quadriceps femoris to recover following injury
  3. Most frequently dislocated carpal bone
  4. Muscle that is the chief flexor and chief extensor at shoulder joint
  5. Innervation of adductor pollicis
  1. a Lunate
  2. b Vastus medialis
  3. c Supraspinatus
  4. d Deltoid
  5. e Ulnar (deep br.)

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  1. Ulnar
  2. Scaphoid
  3. Meniscus injury
  4. Obturator, tibial portion of Sciatic
  5. C5 and C6

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  1. Major artery to head of femur in adultL4


  2. Region affected by lower trunk injury of brachial plexus (C8-T1)Intrinsic hand muscles


  3. Most frequently fracture carpal boneLunate


  4. Innervation to nail bed of middle fingerMedian nerve


  5. Boundaries of femoral triangleInguinal ligament, sartorius, adductor longus


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