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  1. Nerve injured with fracture of medial humeral epicondyle
  2. Muscle that is chief flexor at hip joint
  3. Cutaneous innervation to lateral side of foot
  4. Tendon affected with avulsion fracture of 5th metatarsal
  5. Muscles which extend the thigh and flex the leg
  1. a Fibularis brevis
  2. b Hamstrings
  3. c Sural (S1)
  4. d Iliopsoas
  5. e Ulnar

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  1. Ulnar
  2. Anterior cruciate
  3. Scaphoid
  4. Common fibular
  5. Vastus medialis

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  1. Muscle that initiates abduction of armQuadriceps femoris


  2. Spinal levels of axillary nerveL4


  3. Nerve injured that results in wrist dropRadial


  4. Cutaneous innervation of heelSaphenous (L4)


  5. Injury to what nerve causes winged scapulaUlnar and median


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