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  1. Chief evertors of foot
  2. Fracture of distal radius that produces "dinner fork" appearance
  3. Structures that course throughout entire length of adductor canal
  4. Ligament laxity with positive valgus maneuver
  5. Osseous structure palpated deep to "anatomical snuff box"
  1. a Colle's fracture
  2. b Fibularis longus and brevis
  3. c Medial collateral
  4. d Scaphoid
  5. e Femoral artery and vein

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  1. L4
  2. Meniscus injury
  3. Deep fibular
  4. Inguinal ligament, sartorius, adductor longus
  5. Hamstrings

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  1. Nerve affected with tarsal tunnel syndromeRadial


  2. Paralysis of which muscles results in total "claw" handC8 and T1


  3. Spinal level of Achilles reflexS1


  4. Cutaneous innervation to medial side of footSural (S1)


  5. Dermatome of thumbC6


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