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  1. Cutaneous innervation of most of dorsum of foot
  2. Structures that course through only portion of adductor canal
  3. Innervation to nail bed of ring finger
  4. Paralysis of which muscles results in total "claw" hand
  5. Spinal levels of innervation to muscles of the hand
  1. a Ulnar and median
  2. b Superficial fibular
  3. c Lumbricals
  4. d Saphenous nerve, nerve to vastus medialis, descending genicular vessels
  5. e C8 and T1

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  1. Hamstrings
  2. Obturator, tibial portion of Sciatic
  3. Subtalar and transverse Tarsal
  4. Trapezius and serratus anterior
  5. Recurrent branch of Median

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  1. Injury to what nerve causes winged scapulaLong thoracic nerve


  2. Orientation of structures located in the cubital fossa-Lateral to MedialTendon biceps brachii, brachial a., median n.


  3. Most frequently fracture carpal boneLunate


  4. Innervation of adductor pollicisUlnar (deep br.)


  5. Tendon that courses through shoulder jointLong head of biceps


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