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  1. Spinal level of patellar reflex
  2. Major injury triad with lateral impact to knee
  3. Primary (major) flexor of the forearm
  4. Muscle that initiates abduction of arm
  5. Most commonly injured ankle ligament
  1. a L4
  2. b Anterior talofibular
  3. c Brachialis
  4. d Supraspinatus
  5. e Medial collateral, medial meniscus, and anterior cruciate ligament

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  1. Trapezius and serratus anterior
  2. Hamstrings
  3. Shoulder
  4. Tibial
  5. Deltoid and teres minor

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  1. Last portion of quadriceps femoris to recover following injuryVastus medialis


  2. Innervation to nail bed of ring fingerUlnar and median


  3. Specific muscle that holds patella in placeL4


  4. Orientation of structures located in the cubital fossa-Lateral to MedialScaphoid


  5. Nerve injured with fracture of medial humeral epicondyleUlnar


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