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  1. Locking of knee when walking suggests
  2. Nerve to thenar compartment
  3. Muscle that initiates abduction of arm
  4. Injury to what nerve causes winged scapula
  5. Ligament laxity with positive valgus maneuver
  1. a Long thoracic nerve
  2. b Supraspinatus
  3. c Meniscus injury
  4. d Medial collateral
  5. e Recurrent branch of Median

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  1. Biceps brachii
  2. Vastus medialis
  3. Gluteus medius
  4. Scaphoid
  5. Tibialis anterior

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  1. Innervation to nail bed of middle fingerMedian nerve


  2. Most commonly torn tendon of rotator cuffAnterior talofibular


  3. Muscle that is chief flexor at hip jointPopliteus


  4. Most frequently dislocated carpal boneScaphoid


  5. Chief evertors of footFibularis longus and brevis


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