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  1. Injury to what nerve causes winged scapula
  2. Joints for movements of inversion and eversion
  3. Spinal level of Achilles reflex
  4. Primary (major) flexor of the forearm
  5. Muscle that is the chief flexor and chief extensor at shoulder joint
  1. a Long thoracic nerve
  2. b Subtalar and transverse Tarsal
  3. c Brachialis
  4. d Deltoid
  5. e S1

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  1. Tibial
  2. L4
  3. Recurrent branch of Median
  4. Vastus medialis
  5. C8 and T1

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  1. Muscles which extend the thigh and flex the legHamstrings


  2. Innervation to all interosseous musclesUlnar and median


  3. Muscle that initiates abduction of armQuadriceps femoris


  4. Structure immediately lateral to femoral sheathLacunar ligament


  5. Region affected by upper trunk injury of brachial plexus (C5-C6)Intrinsic hand muscles


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