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  1. Most frequently dislocated carpal bone
  2. Muscle that prevents pelvis from tilting when walking
  3. Spinal levels of axillary nerve
  4. Cutaneous innervation of most of dorsum of foot
  5. Nerve affected when pelvis tilts to unsupported side during gait
  1. a Lunate
  2. b Superficial fibular
  3. c Gluteus medius
  4. d C5 and C6
  5. e Superior gluteal n.

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  1. Anterior cruciate
  2. Tibial
  3. C6
  4. Clavicle
  5. Quadriceps femoris

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  1. Muscle that forms floor of popliteal fossaSupraspinatus


  2. Boundaries of femoral triangleInguinal ligament, sartorius, adductor longus


  3. Muscle that is the chief flexor and chief extensor at shoulder jointIliopsoas


  4. Nerve affected by cubital tunnel syndromeMedian


  5. Muscle that unlocks knee jointPopliteus


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