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Welcome everyone to the 8th annual Asianfest culture show! My name is Shane and I will be your Master of Ceremonies this evening, and joining me is the beautiful Jennifer Tran. Thanks so much for coming, we have a wonderful show for you guys tonight.

Ok let's get a show of hands, how many people have been here before? Welcome back! How many are here for the first time? Well for all of you, welcome! So glad you could make it out here tonight! So what you're about to see is a show that showcases the cultures and customs of the Asian world, both old and new. Music, dancing, and more!

Our theme for this years festival is growing up and achieving your dreams, no matter what they are? Before we get to our first event listed in the program, we want to start things off with a little skit performed by the officers of the Asian Students Association. Give them a big round of applause.

Ngay Tet Que Em

So Jennifer, since we're hosting A-fest, I have to ask- what country are you from?

Good question Shane. I'm Vietnamese. Actually, our next act is by the Vietnamese Student Association. They will be performing a traditional dance to a song called Ngay Tet Que Em. Vietnamese traditional dances are performed at many different holiday and events. They often use rice hats, drums, flowers, fans and other items that go along with the music. The song that VSA will be performing welcomes in the new year and is a perfect to start the show.

Please give a warm round of applause to the VSA girls.

Hayao Miyazaki Performance

So Jennifer, can you dance like that?
No, not really that.
So.... What can you do. You're Asian, aren't you.
Well, I can play the violin, I'm good at Math,... ooh! I love movies!
Really, funny you should mention that- I went to an Asian film festival this summer Jennifer!
Did you see, Windstruck? My Sassy Girl? Spirited Away?
Yes actually!

For those of you don't know, Spirited Away is a Japanese animated movie drawn in a particular style known as anime. It's a very distinctive art style becoming more and more popular here in America. One of the most popular directors is Hayao miyazaki, who directed films like spirited away and Howl's Moving Castle.


How many of you guys have heard of "My Neighbor Totoro" or "Spirited Away," or "Howl's moving castle?"

show of hands

These are films directed by Japanese director Hayao Miyazaki. Miyazaki has over fifty years of experiences in anime feature films. Although he is very well known in Japan, he remained almost unknown in Western culture until some of his more popular films "Princess Mononoke" and "Spirited Away" became more available for the Western audience.

The next act will be a double bass and piano duet by James Tabata and Mark Nicolas who will be playing "Path of the Wind" and "Howl's Moving Castle", two songs featured in two of Miyazaki's films and written by Joe Hisaishi.

KPOP Performance 1

Wow that was nice. What kind of genre would that fall under? Jazz? Classical? Is that like KPOP?

(Crazy look): Clearly you don't know what KPOP is. How many of you guys are more cultured than her and know what I'm talking about?

show of hands

Some, some. For those of you who don't know, KPOP is short for Korean Pop, a type of genre popular not just in Korea, but all over Asia. They're known mostly for extremely colorful and vibrant music videos, slick dance routines and catchy songs.

KPOP 1 continued

Recently, KPOP has been gaining more and more popularity in the western world. Some songs have even made it to the United States Billboards Top 100 and can be heard in radio stations across the country. KPOP can be found in almost any genre and is often known for not only the artists' singing abilities but also talented dance moves. Here, to give us a taste of some of KPOP, is EpiK lead by Nicole Nguyen, Lisa Dinh, Daniel Pak and Joshua Kim.


Thanks, that was Epic wasn't?

Sorry, my co-host thinks he's funny

ANYWAYS Our next performance is called Soran Bushi and it is performed by the Japanese Students Association. It is a traditional Japanese dance that tells the story about Japanese fishermen and imitates their movements along with the movements of the ocean while they are fishing.

It originated in Hokkaido which is a city in northern Japan. The dance is still performed today and is taught too many school children as part of their curriculum. Please give a warm welcome to JSA.


Thanks JSA
Next up is alpha Kappa Delta Phi, better known as aKDPhi, the Asian-American interest sorority on campus.

aKDphi was established at the University of California at Berkeley in 1989. Since then the sorority has grown to 48 chapters and became not only known for their close sisterhood but also for their crusades against breast cancer.

Dancing here today, are old and new members from aKDPhi showing their dancing talents to "Bubble Pop" by Hyuna, a popular KPOP singer.

First Kiss

That was great performance

Jen: So this a little off-topic guys, but do you remember your first kiss? I was thinking about it lately and honestly it was lame.

What do you mean?

Jenn's story..... guy stole a kiss. And I didn't even like it.

Awww, lame. I had a pretty similar experience.
Are you insinuating that you had a first kiss?

YES...but it was totally unromantic and over in an instant.

Aren't they all like that?

Yeah... so unlike a Disney movie.

I wish I could have a typical Disney experience all about a first kiss....

What a coincidence! That's exactly what our next act is about Please welcome Lisa Dinh and Niki Lee, giving us a musical tale of a girl's first kiss.

Singkil Filipino Dance

So Hey Jennifer, about that bad kiss...did he at least try to "woo" you?

"Woo" me?

Yeah, like did he try to impress you or win you over?


Oh. Well, that's depressing. Anyways, fortunately, there are some true gentlemen out there in the world.

Like you?

Better believe it...I learn from the from the story of Sangkil.

For those of you who don't know, Singkil is a traditional Filipino dance that was once only performed by royals that tells the story of a prince who is trying to win over his princess who is trapped in a forest. The dance involves bamboo sticks which represent the trees and vines that the they must walk through. The prince tries to win the heart of the princess who is followed by her loyal servant as she gracefully dances her way through the bamboo sticks.

Give a big round of applause for the Filipino Student Assoc. as they perform the traditional Filipino Sangkil dance.


Okay folks, take 15 minutes while our performers change costumes and powder their noses. While you're stretching your legs, feel free to purchase a t-shirt. Also we'll be having a banquet tomorrow at 6:30, tickets are on sale at the door for 10 dollars.

Latin Dance Society

Shane: Jennifer, what's the first thing you think of when you think of Asia?

Rice, Doughnuts, and drycleaning?

No- Latin dancing!


Well, they came to the wrong the show, but what the heck, they put so much effort into this we figured we should let them perform anyway.
Give it up for the Latin Dance society!

KPOP Act 2

As mentioned before, KPOP has exploded into pop culture in the recent years.

Although the decade of boy/girl bands have started declining in appearance over the years for Americans, KPOP has brought them back into the pop cultural scene. Groups such as Girls' Generation, Super Junior, Big Bang, 2NE1, and 2PM are generating more and more fans as the years pass.

Showing off their pop culture, Korean Students Association are here to give you a glance of just what "is" KPOP. They'll be preforming two songs, "Like This" by Wonder girls, and this one other song you may have heard, I think it's called "Gangnam style"?

Childhood Memories

Wow that was cool- pretty sure we could do that
pants off dance off
You know what they say- if you can't dance, you host!
Homecoming was last week. Did anyone go to the bonfire?!
goooood. I was there for a bit, but I skipped out for a movie actually. The new Disney movie in fact! Wreck-it Ralph!
Shane: Well, did you like it?
It was REALLY good. Nothing compares to the classics though...
Too true. Some of my favorite childhood memories are watching Disney movies.
Oh yeah? What was your favorite Disney movie as a kid?
The Jungle Book or the Lion King, Aladdin. (Shane's childhood book story)
My childhood memory.....(Jennifer's sleeping beauty story)

Our next performer, Daniel Kiang, has some childhood memories of his own. It's a medley of songs from our favorite childhood Disney films called, you may have guessed, "Childhood Memories."


Many people don't realize this but there is also another side of the Asian culture- India. That's right, they're part of Asia.

These people have their own distinct culture, food, and dress that is completely different from the Southeastern Asians. Here to give a taste of their culture is the Indian Subcontinent Students Association performing a traditional dance.


I know you guys have heard plenty stories about us and I promise all of them are true. Well, here's a story about my childhood that's actually part of my pre-pacifist Jennifer days.

I'd like to tell you guys a brief story about my pre-pacifist Jennifer days.

Shane: Yeah, like you're a pacifict...

Jenn hits Shane shut-up.

ANYWAYS, my parents stuck in Tae Kwon Do when I was in elementary school. Well, one day, my class had this idea of "simulating a dark alley attack".

Shane: Dark Alley attack? How exactly do you simulate this to a group of 12-year-olds?

Basically, they turned of all the lights, placed the mats in a row down the room and you had to walk down as people attacked you. Very fun, try it one day.

Shane: Sounds like my typical Saturday night.


Well, as I walked down the "alley" I did the usual, escaped a few hand grabs, screamed for help, and then SUDDENLY, this guy, he was a junior in HS. He grabbed me from behind and lifted me up. Well I scrambled and couldn't get out so NATURALLY, I pretty much bonked my head back and well.........I broke his nose. A lot of stuff.

Shane: Aren't you in school to be a nurse? Don't you guys make an oath to heal people?

Jenn: haha they're more like guidelines...

Well, speaking of punching people in the face, our next group is the Baylor Taekwondo Club.
Taekwondo is a martial art that originated in Korea. It means "foot, hand, art," or more loosely translated "the foot fist way."

Taekwondo has been around for many centuries. At first it was practiced by soldiers and warriors who wanted to increase their strength and skills. Over time, it picked up popularity and is practiced by many people all over the world and since 2000 it became an Olympic sport.

Taekwondo combines combat techniques, self-defense, and philosophy and prepares its students not only to perform at their best physically but also mentally. Here to give us a little bit from each aspect of Taekwondo is the Baylor Taekwondo Club.


Man, I'd hate to run into those guys in a dark alley. Or you...

Before, you saw the Filipino Student Association perform a traditional dance. But that doesn't mean they're strangers to the modern world either.

Filipinos have slowly started to gain more and more attention throughout the years. Whether it be on Youtube- such as JRA or from Black Eyed Peas or featured in dance groups on TV shows such as American's Best Dance Crew, Filipinos have definitely left their mark.

In collaboration with Baylor's Poppers, Lockers, and Breakers, here is an original dance choreographed by Eric Cho, Kha Phi, and Stephanie Huynh.


And that concludes the 8th annual Asianfest culture show. Thank you all very much for coming, you've been a terrific audience.

We hope you enjoyed yourselves and got a wonderful taste of the Asian culture. It was such a joy to host for you guys! We hope you have a wonderful night and a safe drive home.

Once again, feel free to join us at the banquet tomorrow at 6:30pm at the Bobo Spiritual Life.

A closing joke: How much rice could an Asian eat? A wonton.

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