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  1. Ruth Bader Ginsburg
  2. Nancy Pelosi
  3. Antonin Scalia
  4. Arnold Schwarzenegger
  5. Andrew Johnson
  1. a current Italian member of the Supreme Court; noted hunting buddy of Dick Cheney
  2. b POTUS #17 who replaced the assassinated Lincoln. He was the 1st of two Presidents to be impeached, surviving by one vote.
  3. c Speaker of the US House of Representatives & 1st woman to hold that position
  4. d Current California governor; Article II of the Constitution would have to be changed in order for him to become POTUS; Born in Austria and best known as The Terminator
  5. e 2nd woman to serve on the Supreme Court; still serves today

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  1. Massachusetts farmer who led a 1786 rebellion that showed how ineffective the Articles of Confederation was
  2. Virginian who helped James Madison write the Constitution and presented the Virginia Plan and a federal court plan.
  3. Current Supreme Court member; 2nd African American member
  4. Shooting guard for the NBA's Washington Wizards. He is currently under indefinite suspension for handgun violations stemming from an episode on December 24, 2009, and for subsequent actions that appeared to make light of this episode.
  5. Wealthy New Yorker who believed that welathy and well educated should have most political power; wrote the majority of the Federalist Papers; 1st US Secretary of the Treasury under Washington

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  1. Janet NapolitanoCurrent Secretary of Homeland Security who is blamed by many Republicans for the security that lapses that allowed the "underwear bomber" to board a flight to Detroit on Christmas day.


  2. Thomas JeffersonVA primary author of the Declaration of Independence; wrote about unalienable rights; 3rd POTUS; 2nd US minister to France


  3. Mum BettFormer Texas Tech football coach fired by the university for supposedly mistreating receiver Adam James. Leach is currently suing the school for SLANDER and LIBEL.


  4. John DickinsonDE delegate to Const Conv of 1787 who was best known as the author of the Articles of Confederation


  5. Baron de MontesquieuSpeaker of the US House of Representatives & 1st woman to hold that position


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