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  1. Joe Biden
  2. Baron de Montesquieu
  3. Mark McGwire
  4. John Locke
  5. John Zenger
  1. a French philosopher who argued that people get freedom through the separation of government powers
  2. b Current Vice President under Obama
  3. c political philosopher who believed that a social contract existed between political leaders and the people they governed
  4. d Former baseball player and current St. Louis hitting coach. He holds the single-season baseball record for home runs. This record should be invalidated because he admitted that he set the record while using steroids.
  5. e Colonial era newspaper writer whose court case helped establish freedom of the press

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  1. VA primary author of the Declaration of Independence; wrote about unalienable rights; 3rd POTUS; 2nd US minister to France
  2. 1st US POTUS, leader of the Continental Army and the President of the Constitutional Convention of 1787
  3. Anti-Federalist Virginian who wrote the Virginia Declaration of Rights
  4. POTUS until late January 2009
  5. Man from New Jersey who believed that all states should have equal representation in a unicameral Congress; wrote the New Jersey Plan

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  1. Gilbert ArenasShooting guard for the NBA's Washington Wizards. He is currently under indefinite suspension for handgun violations stemming from an episode on December 24, 2009, and for subsequent actions that appeared to make light of this episode.


  2. George IIIKing of England hated by colonists during the Revolutionary Era. Only individual directly referenced in the Declaration of Independence.


  3. John Robertscurrent chief justice of the Supreme Court


  4. Antonin Scaliacurrent Italian member of the Supreme Court; noted hunting buddy of Dick Cheney


  5. Andrew JohnsonPOTUS #17 who replaced the assassinated Lincoln. He was the 1st of two Presidents to be impeached, surviving by one vote.


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