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  1. Mum Bett
  2. Thomas Paine
  3. Nathaniel Bacon
  4. John Locke
  5. Andrew Johnson
  1. a Massachusetts slave who successfully sued for her freedom in 1781 based on the principles of the DOI.
  2. b political philosopher who believed that a social contract existed between political leaders and the people they governed
  3. c Colonial era Virginian who led a rebellion that showed the determination of the people to take Indian lands. Died of dysentery.
  4. d POTUS #17 who replaced the assassinated Lincoln. He was the 1st of two Presidents to be impeached, surviving by one vote.
  5. e Patriot author of Common Sense and The American Crisis

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  1. current Italian member of the Supreme Court; noted hunting buddy of Dick Cheney
  2. Patriot founder of the Sons of Liberty, involved in the Boston Tea Party
  3. 2nd woman to serve on the Supreme Court; still serves today
  4. 1st woman to serve on the Supreme Court; retired recently
  5. 1st US POTUS, leader of the Continental Army and the President of the Constitutional Convention of 1787

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  1. Nancy PelosiMassachusetts farmer who led a 1786 rebellion that showed how ineffective the Articles of Confederation was


  2. Baron de MontesquieuFrench philosopher who argued that people get freedom through the separation of government powers


  3. John ZengerColonial era newspaper writer whose court case helped establish freedom of the press


  4. John Robertscurrent chief justice of the Supreme Court


  5. Joe BidenCurrent Vice President under Obama


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