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  1. Baron de Montesquieu
  2. Nancy Pelosi
  3. Joe Biden
  4. Andrew Johnson
  5. John Jay
  1. a 1st Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and an author of several of the Federalist Papers
  2. b POTUS #17 who replaced the assassinated Lincoln. He was the 1st of two Presidents to be impeached, surviving by one vote.
  3. c Current Vice President under Obama
  4. d French philosopher who argued that people get freedom through the separation of government powers
  5. e Speaker of the US House of Representatives & 1st woman to hold that position

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  1. Current Supreme Court member; 2nd African American member
  2. current chief justice of the Supreme Court
  3. Massachusetts slave who successfully sued for her freedom in 1781 based on the principles of the DOI.
  4. 1st woman to serve on the Supreme Court; retired recently
  5. Former baseball player and current St. Louis hitting coach. He holds the single-season baseball record for home runs. This record should be invalidated because he admitted that he set the record while using steroids.

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  1. William PatersonMan from New Jersey who believed that all states should have equal representation in a unicameral Congress; wrote the New Jersey Plan


  2. George W. BushPOTUS until late January 2009


  3. Bill ClintonSecond POTUS to be impeached. He survived easily after lying to Congress about a marital issue.


  4. Arnold SchwarzeneggerCurrent California governor; Article II of the Constitution would have to be changed in order for him to become POTUS; Born in Austria and best known as The Terminator


  5. John Dickinsonpolitical philosopher who believed that a social contract existed between political leaders and the people they governed


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