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  1. Asia. 1406-1420. Elements of Chinese Architecture: Symmetry, enclosure, horizontal emphasis, and geomancy/feng shui. Made of precious wood and marble. Contained an Inner and Outer Court. Yellow- Royalty. Black- water
  2. Asia. 12th Century. First Hindu, built for Vishnu, but then was converted to Buddhist. This is the symbol for Cambodia. It is made of sandstone sealed with resin. Longest bas relief in the world.
  3. Ancient Rome. Designed for War Heroes and decorated with statues and trophies. Built with many vaults stacked behind another
  4. Asia. Built from 1632-1653. Is a Mausoleum for Shah Jahan's favorite wife. Incorporated radial symmetry and surrounded by a moat. Had Persian, Indian, and Islamic characteristics.

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  1. San Carlo Alle Quatto FontaineBaroque. Sat on a corner lot. Long interior: L of GLOP. Large columns, deep niches, chairoscuro, and verticality.


  2. DuomoAncient Rome; carried water from mountains. Made of waterproof concrete. 11 were in Rome. Under Emperor Claudius' reign, aqueducts went to public fountains, baths, and to fountains for the wealthy


  3. ColesseumAncient Rome, Also known as the Flavian Ampitheater. 2/3 of a mile in perimeter, 50 levels, designed to entertain the masses. Had the Velarium and Vomitorium


  4. PantheonAncient Rome. Temple dedicated to all the gods. Built from 120-127 AD. Had the shape of the Earth on the inside (square) and shape of the sky on the outside (round). Osculus on top


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