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amount the Earth is covered by water


amount the Earth is covered by land

Pacific ocean

the largest and deepest ocean


the number of ocean basins

turbidity current

a current with a downslope movement of dense sediment-rich water


layer of rapid temperature change


3.5 % or 35 ppt

sodium chloride

the most abundant salt in the ocean


measures the depth of the ocean

temperature and salinity

affect the density of seawater


the highest part of a wave


the lowest part of a wave


occur due to the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon

Gulf Stream

the current located off the coast of North Carolina

Gulf of Mexico

is located in the Atlantic Ocean

Atlantic Ocean

is the ocean basin located off of our coast

marine organisms

are classified by how the live and move


marine organisms that can move themselves


marine organisms that crawl along the ocean floor


is an example of plankton


is an example of nekton

photic zone

ocean zone that the sunlight penetrates

oceanic zone

the open ocean zone


are the deepest part of the ocean


are volcanoes that form on the ocean floor


are flat-top seamounts

surface ocean currents

the energy that drives these currents comes from the wind

abyssal plain

most level place on Earth


vertical water movement that increase plankton population and nutrients

surface currents

the reason for their deflection is global winds, land masses, and the coriolis effect


a resource that we get from the ocean

hydrothermal vents

mineral-rich water


visible evidence of the energy passing through the ocean

abyssal zone

ocean zone with high pressure, low temperatures, and no sunlight

shallow areas

the only place where algae can survive

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