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  1. C. tetani
  2. arachnoid
  3. septic shock
  4. pericardium
  5. most common cause of foodborne illness
  1. a produces neuro toxin(exotoxin)- gram + rod anaerobic spore- toxins are what spreads it.
  2. b bacteria and toxins
  3. c middle
  4. d from hypotension- loss of apetite, fever, chills, lethargic, accelerated breathing and heart rate
  5. e membrane around heart- bacteria, virus and rarely fungi= pericarditis

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  1. 2nd most common site of infection
  2. most common, lock jaw, stiff neck, diff. swallowing, calf and pectoral spasms
  3. cryptosporidium- fecal-oral route- uncooked meat- water- resistant to chlorine (swimming pools)- most common water born in US.
  4. viral infections in heart muscle= myocarditis
  5. white gangrene-bleaching

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  1. brain and spinal cord are covered w?Rickettsia rickettsii- ticks- rash, fever, vomit, joints, diarrhea,


  2. Haemophilus influenzae meningitisH. influenza, gram neg, coccobacillus, normal flora of throat-can enter blood stream cause pneumonia, otis media, epiglotidis, meningitis-Resp droplet- IV antibiotics & steroids- 6 serotypes by their capsular polysaccharide.


  3. stage 1 of Lyme diseaseBartonela henselae- aerobic, gram neg rod- saliva or scratch, blister at site, lymph node swell, fever, malase, headache, fever


  4. duramatterinner


  5. pneumonicocci can also cause?+ sense, ssRNA group iv- winter animals, and malaise 5 days


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