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  1. Arboviral encephalitis
  2. endemic (murine) typhus
  3. Stage 3 lyme disease
  4. LAC
  5. Malaria
  1. a Lacrosse enceph.- rare- children- midwest
  2. b biological vector-encephalitis- west nile virus
  3. c Ricketsias typhi- rat flea
  4. d severe arthritis attacks
  5. e common vector born- plasmodium vivax, falciparum, ovale, malariae- targets erythrocytes- Anopheles mosquitos

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  1. ssRNA nonenveloped-3 days to 2 weeks- contagious
  2. hansens disease-Mycobacteria leprae- gram +, acid fast, pleomorphic, intracellular- aerobic bacillus- waxy coating- skin, PNS, mucous membranes: nose, throat, eyes
  3. Capsulated strain b= Hib
  4. Bartonela henselae- aerobic, gram neg rod- saliva or scratch, blister at site, lymph node swell, fever, malase, headache, fever
  5. Group A strep- inflammatory- heart, joints, brain, spinal cord, skin- longterm antibiotics- antiinflammatory

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  1. Variant-Creutzfeld Jacob (VCJD)affects younger age- 29 yrs- foodborne by cattle (mad cow)


  2. Brucellosismiddle


  3. Multibacilliarylepromatous-more virulent- symmetric visions, nodules, plaques, thickened dermis


  4. Leishmaniasisyersinia enterocolitica- gram-neg, fac-anaerobic, rod


  5. enterotoxic E. coli(ETEC)no toxins- shigells


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