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  1. duramatter
  2. local tetanus
  3. stage 1 of Lyme disease
  4. Myocarditis
  5. Vector
  1. a viral or parasite- causes heart failure- chest pain, arrythmias, leg swelling
  2. b transmitted
  3. c bulls eye rash, fever, and fatigue, headaches, stiff neck, muscle pain
  4. d persistant contractions at site of injury- uncommon, mild, subsides
  5. e outer

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  1. C. baratii- infant botulism- also treats torticollis
  2. cardiovascular: heart, blood and blood vessels and lymphatic: lymph, lymphatic tissue, vessels and organs- returns excess tissue fluid to cardiovascular system (direct acess)
  3. Toxin enters body, toxin binds to nerve endings @ neuromuscluar junction- stops release ACH, inhibits- fOODBORNE, infant, wound, inhalation
  4. vibrio cholerae- watery diarrhea, vomit, leg cramps- gram neg- fac anaerobe- vibroid or rod- chloratoxin and enterotoxin
  5. carries plasmodium sporozoites

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  1. Paralytic Poliomyelitisis viral infection


  2. meningitisinflammation of the meninges- caused my microorganisms or injury- bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoans


  3. Mononucleosisbacillialy dysentry- in humans and monkeys- gram neg, non sporing, rod shaped- produces shiga toxin- destroys tissue- dysentry- febrile sezures


  4. Enterococcus faecalisduodenum


  5. Caries=Ascaris lumbricoides- asymptomatic- most common worldwide worm infection- fruits and veggies- surgery for heavy infestation- treat: albendazole & pyratel panote, and mebanzote


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