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  1. Helicobacter peptic ulcer
  2. Human disease
  3. What burrows into mucosa of stomach to find neutral pH?
  4. oral candida
  5. Pheumonic
  1. a transmitted via food, water, kissing- weightloss, poor appetite, burping, nausea, vomiting- antibiotics, h2 blockers, proton pump, & stomach lining protector drug
  2. b H. pylori
  3. c CJD- Degenerative brain disorder, sporadic, hereditary and acquired.
  4. d bacteria to lungs
  5. e thrush

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  1. Hemoflagellates
  2. microbes enter circulatory though lymphatic drainage
  3. most common, lock jaw, stiff neck, diff. swallowing, calf and pectoral spasms
  4. tissue lining heart chambers
  5. histoplasmosis capsulatum- contact w/ spores, air, water, food

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  1. Stage 3 lyme diseaseanimals to human- viruses, parasites, prions


  2. H. influenza in childrenbacillus cereus- gram +, spore forming, aerobic, produce enterotoxins


  3. What meds are used to treat pin wormsmebendazole or pyrantal pamoate


  4. Chloramphenicolbacteria to lungs


  5. Babesiosiscaused by protozoa babesia-ticks- severe= fever, chills, anemia, organ failure- reproduce red blood cells


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