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  1. How does flora prevent infection?
  2. non-infective endocarditis
  3. encephalitis
  4. bacillus intoxication
  5. salmonellosis
  1. a by competing with pathogens
  2. b trauma- formation & platelet & fibrin thrombi on valve- red spots and nodes
  3. c inflammation of the brain
  4. d salmonella- enterobacteriacae family- faculative anerobe, rod, gram-neg, non sporing-typhoid fever, food born illness- diarrhea, fever, cramps- contaminated or uncooked food.5-7 days
  5. e bacillus cereus- gram +, spore forming, aerobic, produce enterotoxins

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  1. joints, heart, nervous system
  2. inflammation of gums
  3. Bovine spongiform ecephalopathy: madcow- chronic wasting disease, scrapie, feline SE, ungulate SE
  4. brain and meninges
  5. undulant fever- gram neg aerobic coccobacilli- flulike- can spread person to person if breastfeeding

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  1. Pheumoniccaused by protozoa babesia-ticks- severe= fever, chills, anemia, organ failure- reproduce red blood cells


  2. enteroinvasive E. coli (EIEC)duodenum


  3. Leprosyhansens disease-Mycobacteria leprae- gram +, acid fast, pleomorphic, intracellular- aerobic bacillus- waxy coating- skin, PNS, mucous membranes: nose, throat, eyes


  4. epidemic typhusparathyphoid fever- milder


  5. systemic mycosesyersinia enterocolitica- gram-neg, fac-anaerobic, rod


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