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  1. PEP- rabies treatment
  2. What burrows into mucosa of stomach to find neutral pH?
  3. Generalized tetanus
  4. Pericarditis
  5. pericardium
  1. a membrane around heart- bacteria, virus and rarely fungi= pericarditis
  2. b H. pylori
  3. c viral, bacteria or fungi- chest pain, ankle/foot sweliing, dry cough, can't breath lying down, fever
  4. d Post exposure propilaxis- 5 doses over 28 days
  5. e most common, lock jaw, stiff neck, diff. swallowing, calf and pectoral spasms

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  1. in flora of nose, staph aureus (no spores), heat resistant, high osmotic resistance, high salt concentration
  2. Adenaviridiae, filoviridae, bunyvridae, flavivirodae- vascular system, RNA, geographically restricted, contact w/ insect or host,
  3. Capsulated strain b= Hib
  4. aseptic meningitis- mosquitos- no treatment, runs course-bulging of fontanel in infants
  5. + sense, ssRNA group iv- winter animals, and malaise 5 days

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  1. dental plaqueenteric rods and bacteroides


  2. SLEwest nile- Africa, Asia- rash, headache, fever, diarrhea


  3. Bacteria that causes conjunctivitisstrep. pneumoniae, H.influenza, s. aureus, H.spp


  4. illieumzoonotic- ssRNA, bullet shaped-causes encephalitis- saliva- fatigue, muscle aches, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, headache, nausea, vomiting and abd pain.


  5. Bacteria found in large intestineenteric rods, strep, clostridia and lactobacilli


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