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  1. meningitis
  2. endemic (murine) typhus
  3. Septicemia
  4. arachnoid
  5. Gas gangrene
  1. a Ricketsias typhi- rat flea
  2. b toxic condition, uncontrolled proliferation of bacteria or bacterial toxins
  3. c gas in infected tissue
  4. d inflammation of the meninges- caused my microorganisms or injury- bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoans
  5. e middle

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  1. viral, bacteria or fungi- chest pain, ankle/foot sweliing, dry cough, can't breath lying down, fever
  2. Listeria monocytogenes, gram +, non sporing rod, fac. anaerobic intracellular-can spread to CNS- spread to circulatory-11-70 days-20-30 % mortality
  3. Clostridium in marine sediments- seafood- Pacific NW, Alaska and great lakes.
  4. brain and meninges
  5. Ascaris lumbricoides- asymptomatic- most common worldwide worm infection- fruits and veggies- surgery for heavy infestation- treat: albendazole & pyratel panote, and mebanzote

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  1. Meninges consist of?3 membranes- outer, middle, and inner


  2. Wet gangrenemucous membranes, bed sores


  3. EhrlichiosisGiardialamblia or G. intestinalis- greasy stools, flatuence, cramps, nausea- 1-2 weeks after infection, last 2-6 weeks


  4. botulismenteric rods and bacteroides


  5. EEEeaster equine enceph.-human, horse, bird


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