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  1. gastroenteritis
  2. pneumonicocci can also cause?
  3. bacillus intoxication
  4. septic shock
  5. 20% of bacteria is
  1. a otitis media- complication include mustoidis and meningitis
  2. b inflammation of stomach and intestine caused by microorganism or ingestion of toxin- stomach flu
  3. c from hypotension- loss of apetite, fever, chills, lethargic, accelerated breathing and heart rate
  4. d bacillus cereus- gram +, spore forming, aerobic, produce enterotoxins
  5. e feces

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  1. easter equine enceph.-human, horse, bird
  2. Yersinia pestis- bubonic- swelling in lymph nodes, spetic
  3. enlarged spleen, fever, chills
  4. produces enterotoxins
  5. Neisseria meningitis- gram neg aerobic diplococcus- 5 serotypes: A,B,C,Y,W

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  1. listeria in pregnancymicrophages hiding from immune system can cross placenta-early onset:infected during pregnancy- late onset: infect during childbirth- treated w/ antibiotics


  2. Cryptosporidiosismold- Aspergillus flavus- corn and peanuts- produces aflatoxin- causes hepatitus, immunosupression, and helptocellular carcinoma- abcess in GI tract- systemic


  3. Multibacilliarytuberculoid- hypopigmented, PNS damage


  4. Meninges consist of?glandular fever- epstein-barr virus aka human herpes 4- infects blymphocytes- sore throat, fever, fatigue, glands swell, saliva contact- no treatment


  5. What meds are used to treat pin wormsmebendazole or pyrantal pamoate


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