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  1. 2 hookworm infections in humans
  2. yersiniosis
  3. Uncomplicated malaria
  4. WEE
  5. Organisms that cause Systemic mycoses
  1. a Ancylostoma duodenate and Necator americanus
  2. b histoplasmosis capsulatum, Penicilliosis marneffei, Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, Coccidioides immitis
  3. c can be fatal- high fever, headache, drowsy, irritable, nausea, vomit, confusion and coma-
  4. d yersinia enterocolitica- gram-neg, fac-anaerobic, rod
  5. e enlarged spleen, fever, chills

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  1. west nile- Africa, Asia- rash, headache, fever, diarrhea
  2. lepromatous-more virulent- symmetric visions, nodules, plaques, thickened dermis
  3. symptoms 30-40 years after polio
  4. candida albicans- flora- illness and medications cause change- antibiotic, birth control and steroids, diabetes, HIV and cancer
  5. dysentry-no toxins- allow adherance to intestinal epithelium and disrupts microvilli

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  1. Cryptococcoisis neoformansencapsulated yeast- inhalation or wound


  2. systemic mycoseshistoplasmosis capsulatum- contact w/ spores, air, water, food


  3. 20% of bacteria isfeces


  4. bacterial intoxicationlisteria monocytogenes- gram + coccobacillus-foodborne illness-fatal-4 days- from blood stream to CNS


  5. plagueYersinia pestis- bubonic- swelling in lymph nodes, spetic


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