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  1. Neonatal tetanus
  2. Toxin E
  3. non-infective endocarditis
  4. Internal gangrene
  5. CNS
  1. a Brain and spinal cord
  2. b Clostridium in marine sediments- seafood- Pacific NW, Alaska and great lakes.
  3. c trauma- formation & platelet & fibrin thrombi on valve- red spots and nodes
  4. d white gangrene-bleaching
  5. e newborns, umbilical stump- rare in developed countries

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  1. start 30 min -6 hrs-vomiting
  2. most common, lock jaw, stiff neck, diff. swallowing, calf and pectoral spasms
  3. necaturiasis- dogs, cats, and humans- adult attaches to villi of intestine and sucks blood- heavy infection- anemia
  4. Toxin enters body, toxin binds to nerve endings @ neuromuscluar junction- stops release ACH, inhibits- fOODBORNE, infant, wound, inhalation
  5. has few bacteria because of acid

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  1. Arboviral encephalitisbiological vector-encephalitis- west nile virus


  2. Multibacilliarylepromatous-more virulent- symmetric visions, nodules, plaques, thickened dermis


  3. Variant-Creutzfeld Jacob (VCJD)affects younger age- 29 yrs- foodborne by cattle (mad cow)


  4. meningioencephalltisbrain and meninges


  5. Mycocardiummembrane around heart- bacteria, virus and rarely fungi= pericarditis


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