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  1. During bacterial infection of meningitis...
  2. Organisms that cause Systemic mycoses
  3. West Nile poliomyelitis
  4. enteric fever
  5. plague
  1. a inflamation of spinal cord
  2. b rapid increase in granulocytes and proteins- CSF becomes trubid
  3. c histoplasmosis capsulatum, Penicilliosis marneffei, Paracoccidioides brasiliensis, Coccidioides immitis
  4. d Yersinia pestis- bubonic- swelling in lymph nodes, spetic
  5. e parathyphoid fever- milder

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  1. chronic
  2. poliovirus- non enveloped ssRNA-
  3. 'seatworm'- enterobius vermicularus-nematode rectum-most common worm infection in US.
  4. H. influenza, gram neg, coccobacillus, normal flora of throat-can enter blood stream cause pneumonia, otis media, epiglotidis, meningitis-Resp droplet- IV antibiotics & steroids- 6 serotypes by their capsular polysaccharide.
  5. Capsulated strain b= Hib

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  1. risk factors for periodontal diseasebulls eye rash, fever, and fatigue, headaches, stiff neck, muscle pain


  2. Prion diseasecandida albicans- flora- illness and medications cause change- antibiotic, birth control and steroids, diabetes, HIV and cancer


  3. enteroaggregative E. coli (EAggEC)produces enterotoxins


  4. enterotoxic E. coli(ETEC)diarrhea- produce toxins- fimbrae


  5. Treatment for AdenaviridaeRibavirun


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