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  1. Rocky mtn spotted fever
  2. Transmission of botulism
  3. Variant-Creutzfeld Jacob (VCJD)
  4. Relapsing Fever
  5. Microbemia
  1. a affects younger age- 29 yrs- foodborne by cattle (mad cow)
  2. b Borrelia recurrentis- lice and tickstickborne= ornithodross tick= endemicLouseborn=human body louse=epidemic
  3. c Rickettsia rickettsii- ticks- rash, fever, vomit, joints, diarrhea,
  4. d microbes enter circulatory though lymphatic drainage
  5. e Toxin enters body, toxin binds to nerve endings @ neuromuscluar junction- stops release ACH, inhibits- fOODBORNE, infant, wound, inhalation

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  1. inflammation of the brain
  2. middle
  3. + sense, ssRNA group iv- winter animals, and malaise 5 days
  4. sleeping sickness
  5. increase in lymphocytes, monocytes, and proteins.CSF remains clear

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  1. epidemic typhusviral, bacteria or fungi- chest pain, ankle/foot sweliing, dry cough, can't breath lying down, fever


  2. diarrheal type of bacillus intoxicationfeces


  3. blood-brain barrierouter


  4. LACLacrosse enceph.- rare- children- midwest


  5. Viral meningitislisteria monocytogenes- gram + coccobacillus-foodborne illness-fatal-4 days- from blood stream to CNS


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