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  1. meningitis
  2. Pericarditis
  3. acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis
  4. Meninges consist of?
  5. brain and spinal cord are covered w?
  1. a 3 membranes- outer, middle, and inner
  2. b painful chewing
  3. c inflammation of the meninges- caused my microorganisms or injury- bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoans
  4. d viral, bacteria or fungi- chest pain, ankle/foot sweliing, dry cough, can't breath lying down, fever
  5. e meninges

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  1. chills, fever, vomit, pain in back, headache
  2. inflammation of gums
  3. trauma- formation & platelet & fibrin thrombi on valve- red spots and nodes
  4. Hemoflagellates
  5. Bartonela henselae- aerobic, gram neg rod- saliva or scratch, blister at site, lymph node swell, fever, malase, headache, fever

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  1. Rotavirusclostridium botulinum- NEURO TOXIN- Foodborne, infant, wound, and inhalation


  2. Variant-Creutzfeld Jacob (VCJD)affects younger age- 29 yrs- foodborne by cattle (mad cow)


  3. Fatal familial insomniadeteriorate motor functions- inherited or sporatic


  4. AspergillosisGiardialamblia or G. intestinalis- greasy stools, flatuence, cramps, nausea- 1-2 weeks after infection, last 2-6 weeks


  5. Toxin Acommon vector born- plasmodium vivax, falciparum, ovale, malariae- targets erythrocytes- Anopheles mosquitos


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