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  1. diarrheal type of bacillus intoxication
  2. H. influenza in children
  3. What meds are used to treat pin worms
  4. overpopulation of normal flora and causes cavities
  5. Taeniasis
  1. a Capsulated strain b= Hib
  2. b fusobacteria and actinomyces
  3. c tapeworm infection
  4. d start 4-16 hours- last 12-24 hours
  5. e mebendazole or pyrantal pamoate

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  1. Group A strep- inflammatory- heart, joints, brain, spinal cord, skin- longterm antibiotics- antiinflammatory
  2. gram +, spore forming
  3. contain blood or fluids
  4. Hemoflagellates
  5. 3 membranes- outer, middle, and inner

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  1. small intestinebacteria get washed out by pancreatic juice and bile- gram + lactobacilli- metabolize compunds that humans cannot.


  2. Treatment of bacterial meningitismost common- streptococcus pneumoniae- gram +, encapsulated faculative anaerobic diplcoccus- 90 serotypes- vaccine for high risk- immune response against capsular serotype


  3. Septicemiatoxic condition, uncontrolled proliferation of bacteria or bacterial toxins


  4. Pericarditischronic


  5. meningitisinflammation of the meninges- caused my microorganisms or injury- bacteria, virus, fungi and protozoans


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