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  1. Leishmaniasis
  2. St. Anthonys fire
  3. brain and spinal cord are covered w?
  4. Hookworm infection
  5. CNS
  1. a necaturiasis- dogs, cats, and humans- adult attaches to villi of intestine and sucks blood- heavy infection- anemia
  2. b meninges
  3. c viseral= fatal form, cutaneus= common form, sore at bite site; diffuse cutaneous= skin lesions; mucocutaneous= skin ulcers that spread and damage nose and mouth tissue
  4. d Brain and spinal cord
  5. e pain in limbs from ergotism

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  1. Giardialamblia or G. intestinalis- greasy stools, flatuence, cramps, nausea- 1-2 weeks after infection, last 2-6 weeks
  2. toxic condition, uncontrolled proliferation of bacteria or bacterial toxins
  3. Capsulated strain b= Hib
  4. dysentry-no toxins- allow adherance to intestinal epithelium and disrupts microvilli
  5. antibody-containing serum

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  1. Bloodborne Infectious diseasecontain blood or fluids


  2. Multibacilliarycardiovascular: heart, blood and blood vessels and lymphatic: lymph, lymphatic tissue, vessels and organs- returns excess tissue fluid to cardiovascular system (direct acess)


  3. Haemophilus influenzae meningitisgram neg spiral- Asia and africa


  4. P. falciparumjaundiced, enlarged liver, increased resp rate- severe malaria- anemia, blood in urine, edema, shock, cerebral malaria, organ failure


  5. Tularemiacommon vector born- plasmodium vivax, falciparum, ovale, malariae- targets erythrocytes- Anopheles mosquitos


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