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  1. Crystallized intelligence
  2. Nurture
  3. Temperament
  4. Concrete operational stage
  5. Identity vs. Identity Confusion
  1. a Which socioemotional development stages occurs in adolescence?
  2. b An individual's behavior style and characteristic way of responding.
  3. c An individual's environmental and social experiences.
  4. d Piaget's third stage of cognitive development, lasting from about 7-11 years of age, during which the individual uses operations and replaces intuitive reasoning with logical reasoning in concrete situations.
  5. e A person's knowledge of the working of automobiles is an example of

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  1. Decreased responsiveness to a stimulus after repeated presentations
  2. zygote
  3. A parenting style characterized by the placement of few limits on the child's behavior.
  4. Understanding that while the shape of an object may change, the mass of the object stays the same is an example of
  5. The new born infant's grasping is an example of

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  1. Ages 1 and a half- 3Erikson's stage of Autonomy vs. Shame occurs during which ages


  2. DevelopmentThe pattern of continuity and change in human capabilities that occurs throughout life, involving both growth and decline.


  3. Gender rolesMany people feel that only girls should play with dolls. This is an example of____


  4. Authoritarian parentingA parenting style that encourages the child to be independent but that still places limits and controls on behavior.


  5. AndrogenThe main class of male sex hormones


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