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  1. Preconventional
  2. Sensorimotoro
  3. Concrete operational stage
  4. The amygala and the prefrontal cortex
  5. Habituation
  1. a In which of Piage's stages does object permanence happen?
  2. b During adolescence there are changes in the structure of the brain. Changes in which of the following brain structures are thought to be partially responsible for adolescent behavior?
  3. c Piaget's third stage of cognitive development, lasting from about 7-11 years of age, during which the individual uses operations and replaces intuitive reasoning with logical reasoning in concrete situations.
  4. d Making decisions about right and wrong based on punishments or rewards is consistent with which level of moral reasoning?
  5. e Decreased responsiveness to a stimulus after repeated presentations

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  1. An infant born between 38 and 42 weeks after conception is considered
  2. Expert knowledge about the practical aspects of life.
  3. A research technique that involves giving an infant a choice of what object to look at.
  4. Erickson's fifth psychological stage, in which adolescents face the challenge of finding out who they are, what they are all about, and where they are going in life.
  5. An infant is repeatedly shown a picture of his mother's face and a picture of geometric shapes. Each time, the infant tends to gaze at the picture of his mother's face. This finding is an example of____

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  1. Secure attachmentThe close emotional bond between an infant and its caregiver.


  2. Two monthsIn the development of a human when does the fetal period start?


  3. Formal operational stagePiage's second stage of cognitive development, lasting from about 2-7 years of age, during which thought is more symbolic than sensorimotor thought.


  4. Emerging adulthoodDecreased responsiveness to a stimulus after repeated presentations


  5. reflexThe new born infant's grasping is an example of


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