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  1. Puberty
  2. Authoritarian parenting
  3. Preferential looking
  4. Authoritative parenting
  5. Sensorimotoro
  1. a An infant is repeatedly shown a picture of his mother's face and a picture of geometric shapes. Each time, the infant tends to gaze at the picture of his mother's face. This finding is an example of____
  2. b A parenting style that encourages the child to be independent but that still places limits and controls on behavior.
  3. c A period of rapid skeletal and sexual maturation that occurs mainly in early adolescence.
  4. d In which of Piage's stages does object permanence happen?
  5. e A restrictive, punitive style in which the parenst exhorts the child to follow the parent's directions and to value hard work and effort.

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  1. The pattern of continuity and change in human capabilities that occurs throughout life, involving both growth and decline.
  2. Expert knowledge about the practical aspects of life.
  3. Which parenting style is generally associated with the best child outcomes?
  4. Decreased responsiveness to a stimulus after repeated presentations
  5. A parenting style characterized by a lack of parental involvement in the child's life.

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  1. Gender rolesRoles that reflect the individual's expectations for how females and males should think, act, and feel.


  2. Crystallized intelligenceA person's knowledge of the working of automobiles is an example of


  3. A full-term infantIf a parent insturcts a child to do something because "I said so," this would be an example of an _____parenting style


  4. reflexThe new born infant's grasping is an example of


  5. Sensorimotor stagePiage's first stage of cognitive development, lasting from birth to about 2 years of age, during which infants construct an understanding of the world by coordinating sensory experiences with motor (Physical) actions.


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