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  1. The science that deals with the study of heridity is _____________.
  2. Alternate forms of a gene are called _____________.
  3. What describes the allele that causes color blindness?
  4. What term describes the inyheritance of cystic fibrosis?
  5. heterozygous
  1. a
    the two aleles for an organism are different (Tt or Nn). This is also known as Hybrid.
  2. b genetics
  3. c it is carried on the X chromosome
  4. d recessive genes
  5. e alleles

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  1. genotype
  2. Punnett Square
  3. Gregor Mendel
  4. when a gene undergoes a change that results in a trait that is expressed differently
  5. when either too many chromosomes or too few chromosomes are inherited by an offspring

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  1. What controls traits in organisms?genes


  2. sex-linked genesome allele are on the sex chromosomes like color-blindness, which is sexlinked on the X chromosome.


  3. phenotypeThe physical trait that shows as a result of a genotype. (TT = tall; Tt = tall; tt = short; YY = yellow; yy = white))


  4. homozygousthe two alleles for an organism are exactly the same (TT or tt). This is also known as Purebred..


  5. Punnett Squarean organism that always produces the same traits in its offspring


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