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  1. Human height, eye color, and skin color are all traits controlled by _____________.
  2. What describes the allele that causes color blindness?
  3. dominant factor
  4. The outward appearance of a trait is a ______________.
  5. gender determination
  1. a a factor that covers up a recessive factor; tall is dominant to short
  2. b
    The female only provides an X chromosome, but the male may fertilize an egg with either an X or Y. If an X fertilizes the egg, then XX or a girl will result. If a Y fertilized the egg, then XY or a boy will result.
  3. c phenotype
  4. d it is carried on the X chromosome
  5. e genes

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  1. The physical trait that shows as a result of a genotype. (TT = tall; Tt = tall; tt = short; YY = yellow; yy = white))
  2. chemicals, x-rays, and radioactive substances

  3. He was a monk who was born in Austria in 1822. He experimented with pea plants. He is known as the "Father of Genetics".
  4. a factor that is covered up by a dominant factor
  5. the different forms of a gene

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  1. heterozygous
    the two aleles for an organism are different (Tt or Nn). This is also known as Hybrid.


  2. geneticsthe genetic make-up of an organism


  3. What controls traits in organisms?genes


  4. Red-green color blindness is a numan genetic disorder caused by a ____________.alleles


  5. genetic engineeringreplacing abnormal genetic material with normal genetic material


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