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  1. some causes of mutations
  2. incomplete dominance
  3. Human height, eye color, and skin color are all traits controlled by _____________.
  4. gender determination
  5. genotype
  1. a genes
  2. b
    The female only provides an X chromosome, but the male may fertilize an egg with either an X or Y. If an X fertilizes the egg, then XX or a girl will result. If a Y fertilized the egg, then XY or a boy will result.
  3. c chemicals, x-rays, and radioactive substances
  4. d the genetic make-up of an organism
  5. e the phenotype resulting in a "blended" result; red and white flowers producing a PINK flower, not just only red or white flowers.

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  1. alleles
  2. genes
  3. the passing of traits from parents to offspring
  4. Gregor Mendel
  5. inserting a useful segment of DNA from one organism into a bacterium; an example is the production of growth hormone to treat dwarfism and chemicals to treat cancer

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  1. Punnett Squarethe study of how traits are inherited through the actions of alleles


  2. recessive genetic disordersa factor that is covered up by a dominant factor


  3. homozygousthe two alleles for an organism are exactly the same (TT or tt). This is also known as Purebred..


  4. recessive factora factor that covers up a recessive factor; tall is dominant to short


  5. What term describes the inyheritance of cystic fibrosis?recessive genes


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