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  1. Interruption
  2. Aspect
  3. Specimen
  4. Rupture
  5. Spectator
  1. a The way a person appears
  2. b Something used as an example or sample
  3. c A person who watches an evnet
  4. d To break into or on a disccusion
  5. e To tear or break

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  1. Beautiful or amazing in an eyecatching way
  2. Sudden or unexpected
  3. Written by hand
  4. To write out or type in full
  5. To mistrust

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  1. SpectacleA person who watches an evnet


  2. InspectorTo hold in high regard or to show consideration


  3. RespectThe way a person appears


  4. InscriptionA statement or a passage of words explaining something


  5. DisruptTo break apart; split up; rend asunder


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