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  1. Solvent
  2. True
  3. O, N, F
  4. 760
  5. Solute
  1. a what i the name of the solution component present in the largest quantity. Also, does the dissolving
  2. b What is the name of the component of the solution that is present in the lesser quantity?
  3. c 1 atm= ____ mmHg
  4. d Molecules that have hydrogen bonding must be directly bonded to _, _, or _.
  5. e (T or F) Liquids are practically incompressible

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  1. Vi / Ti = Vf / Tf
  2. A _________ solution contains all of the solute that can be dissolved at a certain temperature
  3. What law states that the number of moles of gas dissolved in a liquid at a given temperature is proportional to the pressure of that gas in the atmosphere that is in contact with the liquid
  4. ________________ are made up of two nonmetals
  5. In the ideal gas law, temperature must be measured in what units?

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  1. Hydrogen BondsA special type of Dipole-dipole attractions


  2. Attractive forces between polar moleculesWhat are Dipole-Dipole Interactions?


  3. regularwhich type of solution is "Homogenous mixtures of metals in the solid state


  4. Gaseouswhat is the solution in which water is the solvent


  5. HypertonicWhen a solute concentration of fluid surrounding cells is higher than inside the cell it results in a ____________ solution


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