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  1. 760
  2. Aqueous
  3. Sublimation of Solid
  4. True solution
  5. Ideal Gas Law
  1. a ____ __________- A homogenous mixture with uniform properties throughout
  2. b 1atm=_____torr
  3. c what is the name of the process where the conversion of molecules in the solid state go directly to the molecules in the gaseous state
  4. d what is the solution in which water is the solvent
  5. e A combination of Boyle's, Charles' Lawand Avagadros Law

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  1. A model of the way that particles behave at the microscopic level
  2. In the ideal gas law, temperature must be measured in what units?
  3. Vi / Ti = Vf / Tf
  4. C6 H12 O6 is the formula for ______
  5. what is the universal solvent?

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  1. Avogadro's LawWhich Law states "The relationship between the volume and number of moles of a gas at constant temperature and pressure


  2. amorphous solidswhich solids have no organized structure


  3. Surface TensionSubstances that are added to a liquid to decrease surface tension


  4. Combined Gas LawPiVi / Ti = PfVf / Tf


  5. 22.4In the ideal gas law, pressure must be measured in what units?


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