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  1. synonyms: (n.) underling, scullion, servant
  2. synonyms: traitor, quisling, deserter, renegade
  3. synonyms: (v.) wreck, devastate
  4. synonyms: loud, garish, gaudy, tacky, vulgar
  5. synonyms: union, seam, joint, turning point
  6. synonyms: posture, bearing

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  1. excisesynonyms: summit, top, peak, pinnacle


  2. attributesynonyms: (n.) traitj; (v.) ascribe


  3. predatorysynonyms: looting, pillaging, ravenous, rapacious


  4. exoticsynonyms: strange, alien, picturesque, colorful


  5. haggardsynonyms: drawn, gaunt, wasted


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