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  1. enzymes which recognize a specific short sequence of nucleotides (the target sequence) on a strand of DNA and cut the strand at a particular point within that sequence
  2. can be used to generate a DNA fingerprint.
  3. sampling of cells from the chorion to test for genetic conditions in a fetus. The cells are grown in a special medium after which a karotype can be used to make a diagnosis.
  4. _______________ is being tested as one way to reverse some of the effects of genetic disorders
  5. ____________ can be used to determine some genetic conditions and disorders

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  1. Cloninga process in which an identical copy of an organism or part of an organism that has the same genetic make-up, such as the offspring of asexual reproduction, a general term for the research activity that creates a copy of some biological entity (a gene or organism or cell)


  2. Recombinant DNAsegments of DNA from two different species that are joined in a laboratory to form a single molecule of DNA


  3. FetoscopyGenetically modified organisms


  4. GMOsGenetically modified foods


  5. GMFsGenetically modified foods


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