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  1. meter
  2. sibilance
  3. feminine rhyme
  4. iambic pentameter
  5. parallelism
  1. a hissing sounds represented by s, z, sh
  2. b latter two syllables of first word rhyme with latter two syllables of second word (ceiling appealing)
  3. c presents coordinating ideas in a coordinating manner
  4. d 70% of verse is written this way; ten syllables per line, following an order of unaccented-accented syllables
  5. e regularized rhythm of stressed and unstressed syllables; accents occur at approx. equal intervals of time

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  1. incongruity or discrepancy between the implied and expected; verbal, dramatic, situational
  2. exaggeration, overstatement
  3. compact paradoxl two successive words contradict each other
  4. repetition of the same word or words at the start of two or more lines
  5. characters are symbols, has a moral

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  1. understatementsaying less than one means, for effect


  2. rhymerepetition of end sounds


  3. archetyperepetition of end sounds


  4. symbolismcomparison using 'like' or 'as'


  5. free verseno fixed meter or rhyme


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