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  1. denotation
  2. anaphora
  3. didactic poetry
  4. syntax
  5. sibilance
  1. a hissing sounds represented by s, z, sh
  2. b repetition of the same word or words at the start of two or more lines
  3. c basic definition or dictionary meaning of a word
  4. d poetry with the primary purpose of teaching or preaching
  5. e word order or grammatical appropriateness

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  1. final syllable of first word rhymes with final syllable of second word (scald recalled)
  2. something (object, person, situation, etc.) means more than what it is
  3. characters are symbols, has a moral
  4. assumed speaker of the poem; typically used synonymously with 'speaker'
  5. use of words which mimic their meaning in sound

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  1. paradoxtempo or rate implied by the structure and style of the poem


  2. enjambment14 line poem, fixed rhyme scheme, fixed meter (usually 10 syllables per line)


  3. consonancerepetition at close intervals of vowel sounds


  4. hyperboleexaggeration, overstatement


  5. oxymoroncompact paradoxl two successive words contradict each other


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