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  1. meter
  2. caesura
  3. diction
  4. tone
  5. imagery
  1. a a natural pause in the middle of a line, sometimes coinciding with punctuation
  2. b representation through language of a sensory experience
  3. c regularized rhythm of stressed and unstressed syllables; accents occur at approx. equal intervals of time
  4. d writer's attitude toward the audience or subject, implied or related directly
  5. e choice of words for effect

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  1. what a word suggests beyond its surface definition
  2. symbolism; one thing is used as a substitute for another with which it is closely identified (the White House)
  3. character "speaks" through the poem; a character study
  4. exaggeration, overstatement
  5. compact paradoxl two successive words contradict each other

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  1. paradoxstatement or situation containing seemingly contradictory elements


  2. personificationgiving a non-human the characteristics of a human


  3. denotationwhat a word suggests beyond its surface definition


  4. euphonyharsh, non-melodic, unpleasant sounding arrangement of words


  5. feminine rhymelatter two syllables of first word rhyme with latter two syllables of second word (ceiling appealing)


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