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  1. repugnant
  2. grievous
  3. expedient
  4. feign
  5. heterogeneous
  1. a (n.) a means to an end; (adj.) advantageous, useful
  2. b (adj.) causing sorrow or pain; serious
  3. c (adj.) composed of different kinds, diverse
  4. d (v) to pretend
  5. e (adj.) offensive, disagreeable, distasteful

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  1. (n.) a forecast of the probable course and outcome of a disease or situation
  2. (n.) a speech by one actor; a long talk by one person
  3. (v.) to write or engrave; to enter a name on a list
  4. (adj.) frank, sincere; impartial; unposed
  5. (n.) a represntative or messenger (as of government)

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  1. auxiliary(adj.) giving assistance or support; (n.) a helper, aid


  2. escalate(v.) to sink a ship by cutting holes in it; to get rid of something in a decisive way; to run hastily, scurry; (n.) a pail


  3. horde(n.) a natural quality, talent, or skill; a distinctive style


  4. scuttle(n.) a small room or compartment


  5. rasping(adj.) with a harsh, grating sound; (n.) a harsh sound


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