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  1. Hatch Act
  2. single issue party
  3. Shay's Rebellion
  4. autocracy
  5. preamble
  1. a An introduction that states the goals for a document.
  2. b An uprising in Massachusetts that demonstrated the ineffectiveness of the Articles of Confederation
  3. c A government that is ruled by one person.
  4. d This item prevents a political party from using federal workers in election campaigns
  5. e A third party that concentrates on one issue.

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  1. A legal order to appear in court.
  2. This implies that Congress has powers beyond those expressed in the first 17 clauses of Article I, Section 8.
  3. This act restricts how long the president can use the military.
  4. A political party other than the two main parties.
  5. Executive department responsible for foreign policy.

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  1. Commercea filibuster can be stopped when 3/5's of the Senate vote for


  2. treatyA government where all of the power is located in one place.


  3. James MadisonFather of the Constitution.


  4. UnitaryA government that is ruled by a small group of people.


  5. caucusThis group is chosen by the president for their experience in selected areas


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