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  1. electors
  2. elastic clause
  3. Legislative Oversight
  4. Vice president
  5. Iron triangle
  1. a This implies that Congress has powers beyond those expressed in the first 17 clauses of Article I, Section 8.
  2. b When agencies, congressional committees, and client groups work together it is called...
  3. c We vote for these people who then vote for president
  4. d power allows Congress to check on how the executive is administering the law.
  5. e The president of the senate.

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  1. Free stationary and postage for congressmen
  2. Majority of cases the Supreme Court sees come from?
  3. Because they are social programs that continue from one year to the next, some uncontrollables are
  4. The writer of the Declaration of Independence.
  5. A justice writes this when he agrees with the majority opinion but for a different reason

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  1. prohibitionAge requirement of the Senate


  2. Marbury v MadisonFather of the Constitution.


  3. TreatyA formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries


  4. JurisdictionThe authority to hear a case.


  5. redistrictingThe process of setting up new congressional districts after reapportionment


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