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  1. judicial restraint
  2. Loose constructionist
  3. veto
  4. Redistricting
  5. Executive privilege
  1. a Making decisions based on a strict reading of the Constitution.
  2. b Right of a president to refuse to testify before a court.
  3. c The president rejects a bill from congress.
  4. d Someone who reads between the lines when interpreting the Constitution.
  5. e process of setting up new congressional districts.

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  1. Which amendment gave suffrage to women
  2. Government is split between different levels, usually national and state.
  3. This is required for a legislative body to take official action
  4. A government that rules through force.
  5. Head of Executive Branch

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  1. open primaryA primary where only members of a specific party can vote.


  2. Executive agreementsRules that have the force of law are called _____________


  3. Pork Barrel SpendingHead of Executive Branch


  4. electorsWe vote for these people who then vote for president


  5. suffrageThe right to vote.


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