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  1. dissenting opinion
  2. Lower Courts
  3. Federal courts
  4. Thomas Jefferson
  5. speaker of the house
  1. a An opinion disagreeing with the majority in a Supreme Court ruling.
  2. b Courts that derive their power from the Constitution.
  3. c The presiding officer of the House of Representatives
  4. d The writer of the Declaration of Independence.
  5. e Majority of cases the Supreme Court sees come from?

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  1. The system by which we elect the president and vice-president.
  2. Powers listed in the Constitution.
  3. Congressmen obtaining money for projects in thier own districts
  4. The president's most important influence over the Supreme Court
  5. In addition to congressional override, congress has this power over a president

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  1. Federal job information centerSomeone who reads between the lines when interpreting the Constitution.


  2. splinter partyA third party that is created out of an existing party.


  3. PACA special interest group.


  4. literacy testA reading and writing test used to determine if you could vote. Used to discriminate against African-Americans.


  5. poll taxAn explanation for the Supreme Court's decision


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