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  1. grandfather clause
  2. Treaty
  3. Concurring opinion
  4. judicial review
  5. Jurisdiction
  1. a A formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries
  2. b The act of declaring laws unconsitutional.
  3. c A justice writes this when he agrees with the majority opinion but for a different reason
  4. d You could only vote if your grandfather had voted. Used to discriminate against African-Americans.
  5. e The authority to hear a case.

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  1. All bills require this before they can become law.
  2. This group is chosen by the president for their experience in selected areas
  3. A reading and writing test used to determine if you could vote. Used to discriminate against African-Americans.
  4. Making decisions based on a strict reading of the Constitution.
  5. Government is split between different levels, usually national and state.

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  1. Loose constructionistSomeone who reads between the lines when interpreting the Constitution.


  2. caucusIn congress the majority and minority leaders are assisted by


  3. closed primaryA political party other than the two main parties.


  4. PresidentA group of people who advise the president and head the executive departments.


  5. poll taxA tax that must be paid before you can vote. Used to discriminate against African-Americans.


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