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  1. whips
  2. Lower Courts
  3. US v Nixon
  4. president's signature
  5. authoritarian
  1. a Majority of cases the Supreme Court sees come from?
  2. b In congress the majority and minority leaders are assisted by
  3. c This is an important Supreme Court case about executive privilege.
  4. d A government that rules through force.
  5. e All bills require this before they can become law.

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  1. When agencies, congressional committees, and client groups work together it is called...
  2. Congresses power over a presidential veto
  3. First ten amdenments
  4. A formal accusation handed by a grand jury.
  5. A political system that has only one political party.

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  1. ImpeachmentA formal accusation handed by a grand jury.


  2. AppellateA formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries is called


  3. contemptAmendment that conferred suffrage to women


  4. Legislative Oversightpower allows Congress to check on how the executive is administering the law.


  5. closed primaryA primary where only members of a specific party can vote.


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