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  1. multiparty system
  2. Legislative Oversight
  3. twenty-sixth
  4. judicial review
  5. president
  1. a The act of declaring laws unconsitutional.
  2. b Amendment that lowered the voting age to 18
  3. c A political system that has many parties of varrying levels of power.
  4. d Commander of the national armed forces is the
  5. e power allows Congress to check on how the executive is administering the law.

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  1. Rules that have the force of law are called _____________
  2. An opinion disagreeing with the majority in a Supreme Court ruling.
  3. This department helps protect public lands
  4. A group pardon for an offense against the government.
  5. An explanation for the Supreme Court's decision

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  1. Bill of RightsFirst ten amdenments


  2. nineteenthWillful disobedience to the court.


  3. oligarchyA government that is ruled by a small group of people.


  4. Supreme courtThe highest court of the land.


  5. eightA formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries


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