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  1. Department of State
  2. Hatch Act
  3. lobbyists
  4. electors
  5. ideological party
  1. a Executive department responsible for foreign policy.
  2. b We vote for these people who then vote for president
  3. c Representatives of interest groups that work to influence Congress
  4. d A third party that advocates large changes in society.
  5. e This item prevents a political party from using federal workers in election campaigns

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  1. Commander of the national armed forces is the
  2. This is an important Supreme Court case about executive privilege.
  3. A state may not take a person's life, liberty, or property without...
  4. The first woman on the Supreme Court.
  5. A group of people who advise the president and head the executive departments.

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  1. 15th AmendmentWhich amendment gave suffrage to African-Americans


  2. ThirtyAge requirement of the Senate


  3. AmnestyA formal agreement between the governments of two or more countries


  4. PresidentHead of Executive Branch


  5. Articles of ConfederationA yearly speech where the president outlines his goals for the year.


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