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  1. unanimous opinion
  2. Appellate
  3. Executive privilege
  4. grandfather clause
  5. 15th Amendment
  1. a When all judges agree on a decision.
  2. b You could only vote if your grandfather had voted. Used to discriminate against African-Americans.
  3. c A court of appeals has _______ jurisdiction.
  4. d Right of a president to refuse to testify before a court.
  5. e Which amendment gave suffrage to African-Americans

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  1. This address is given by the president to congress
  2. A plan for the land west of the original colonies, a success of the Articles of Confederation
  3. Powers listed in the Constitution.
  4. A case that serves as a model for other cases is called a...
  5. A plan for government.

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  1. Thurgood MarshallA government that rules through force.


  2. spoils systemA court of appeals has _______ jurisdiction.


  3. PACA special interest group.


  4. Due processA state may not take a person's life, liberty, or property without...


  5. QuorumAge requirement of the Senate


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