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  1. George Bird Grinnell is associated with:
  2. Of the four presidential candidates in 1912, the one most likely to advocate government ownership of big business was:
  3. The Underwood-Simmons Tariff:
  4. Theodore Roosevelt's close friend Gifford Pinchot was:
  5. In the 1908 presidential race:
  1. a A) a forestry expert and leading conservationist
  2. b B) the Democrats once again nominated William Jennings Bryan
  3. c B) Eugene Debs
  4. d A) lowered the average tariff and hence was supported by Wilson
  5. e C) the Audubon Society

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  1. B) regulate big business
  2. B) a lower tariff
  3. B) passed in 1916
  4. A) Theodore Roosevelt
  5. A) Robert M. La Follette

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  1. In the presidential election of 1912, William Howard Taft:C) was the Republican candidate


  2. In his first term as president, Wilson did all of the following EXCEPT:A) failed to reorganize the banking system


  3. Frederick W. Taylor:C) a professor and college president


  4. The Seventeenth Amendment:C) authorized the popular election of U.S. senators


  5. The title of the novel that described the terrible conditions of the meat-packing industry was:A) failed to reorganize the banking system


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