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  1. Peritoneal dialysis
  2. Pyuria
  3. Enuresis
  4. Glomerulonephritis
  5. Incontinence
  1. a inability to control elimination
  2. b an inflammatory disease of the glomerulus affecting kidney function; can be acute or chronic
  3. c urinary incontinence after voluntary control has normally been reached
  4. d a process to remove extra fluid and waste products wherein the dialyzing solution is instilled directly into the abdomen
  5. e pus in the urine

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  1. excessive nighttime urination
  2. blood in the urine
  3. an inflammation of the urethra and causes redness irritation edema of the mucosa and urethral discharge
  4. diuresis; excessive urination
  5. the inability to empty the bladder completely

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  1. Oliguriadiuresis; excessive urination


  2. Pyelonephritisdistention of the renal pelvis caused by increased pressure due to urine backup


  3. Residual urinea process of removing waste products excess fluids and electrolytes from the blood


  4. Micturition(voiding or urination) the process of emptying the urinary bladder


  5. Uremiaurinary incontinence after voluntary control has normally been reached


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