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  1. Micturition
  2. Azotemia
  3. Frequency
  4. Incontinence
  5. Peritoneal dialysis
  1. a a process to remove extra fluid and waste products wherein the dialyzing solution is instilled directly into the abdomen
  2. b increased nitrogenous wastes in the blood including urea and creatinine
  3. c inability to control elimination
  4. d need to void more than usual
  5. e (voiding or urination) the process of emptying the urinary bladder

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  1. distention of the renal pelvis caused by increased pressure due to urine backup
  2. blood in the urine
  3. a familial disease characterized by an enlarged kidney with multiple fluid-filled cysts
  4. functional units of the kidneys which filter the blood and remove metabolic wastes
  5. the inability to empty the bladder completely

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  1. Acute renal failurea condition in which the kidneys are unable to carry out the normal functions necessary to eliminate waste products and maintain fluid and electrolyte balance


  2. Oliguriadiuresis; excessive urination


  3. Dysuriapus in the urine


  4. Anuriapus in the urine


  5. Meatusblood in the urine


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