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  1. Obsolete
  2. Adulterate
  3. Omnivorous
  4. Artifice
  5. Pliable
  1. a To corrupt, make worse by the addition of something of lesser value
  2. b Easily bent, flexible; easily influenced
  3. c A skillful or ingenious device; a clever trick; a clever skill; trickery
  4. d Eating every kind of food; eagerly taking in everything, having a wide variety of tastes
  5. e Out-of-date, no longer in use

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  1. Still existing; not exterminated, destroyed, or lost
  2. Free from error; absolutely dependable
  3. Shy, lacking self-confidence; modest, reserved
  4. Definite, clearly stated
  5. The purest essence or form of something; the most typical example

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  1. EmaciatedUnnaturally thin


  2. VerbatimTo turn aside; to stray from a norm; one who departs from a norm; differing from a norm, heterodox, unconventional


  3. CompriseTo include or contain; to be made up of


  4. PunitiveHaving limits; lasting for a limited time


  5. PalatableAgreeable to the taste or one's sensibilities; suitable for consumption


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