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  1. Extirpate
  2. Premeditated
  3. Uncanny
  4. Pliable
  5. Jeopardy
  1. a Considered beforehand, deliberately planned
  2. b Danger
  3. c Easily bent, flexible; easily influenced
  4. d To tear up by the roots; to destroy totally
  5. e Strange, mysterious, weird, beyond explanation

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  1. Eating every kind of food; eagerly taking in everything, having a wide variety of tastes
  2. Deserving blame or punishment
  3. Abundant; plentiful; wordy, verbose
  4. Fierce and cruel; aggressive; deadly, destructive; scathingly harsh
  5. Unselfish, concerned with the welfare of others

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  1. SomberDark, gloomy; depressed or melancholy in spirit


  2. PunitiveInflicting or aiming at punishment


  3. SojournA temporary stay; to stay for a time


  4. ExhilarateDefinite, clearly stated


  5. AdversaryOpen to or marked by bribery or corruption


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