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  1. The effects of ____when each is drawn against a paper surface are very similar
  2. With a drawing, the quality of line and the nature of shading are very much affected by the ____ of the support
  3. Margaret Bourke White wrote "using the camera was almost a relief; it interposed a slight barrier between myself and the white horror in front of me...." Here Bourke-White is describing_____
  4. A flash or whirl of abrublty changing newspaper headlines meant to indicate the progression of time and events in a film is known as a_____
  5. The working surface from which a print is made is called a ____
  1. a Buchenwald during the Holocaust
  2. b montage
  3. c Texture
  4. d matrix
  5. e charcoal, chalk, and pastel

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  1. Mezzotint
  2. glazing
  3. mental sketchbook
  4. Leonardo da Vinci's Last Supper
  5. silverpoint

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  1. William Henry Fox Talbot's first "photographic drawings" were eerie, delicate photographs of____produced from a ______plants; negative


  2. True fresco, or ______, is executed on damp ______buon fresco; lime plaster


  3. Dorothea Lange's Migrant Mother is a touching photograph taken during the period of _______The Great Depression


  4. _____is the type of etching that can be used to produce the effects of crayon or pencil drawingsserigraphy


  5. Woodcuts make use of the flat surface of wooden boards, but wood engravings use the end sections of the boards, yeilding a _____surfaceMezzotint


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