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  1. Pop artist Roy Lichtenstein's portrait of George Washington is an oil-on canvas image that most resembles a(n)
  2. While painting the Egypto-Roman Mummy Portrait of a Man, the artist found it necessary to keep the ____at a constant tempature.
  3. Gilbert Stuart's 18th century traditional portrait of George Washington achieves a realistic likeness largely through
  4. _____is a mixture of pigment and a synthetic resin vehicle that can be thinned with water
  5. The 20th century American abstract artist Josef Albers created Solo V, an inkless intaglio teqnique known as _____
  1. a modeling
  2. b Acrylic
  3. c gauffrage
  4. d molten wax
  5. e comic-book hero

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  1. rapid sketches and preparatory studies
  2. Soft, velvety lines
  3. lens
  4. heliography
  5. mental sketchbook

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  1. The working surface from which a print is made is called a ____it is a painstaking and time consuming procedure.


  2. The binding agent that powdered pigment is mixed with to form paint is known as the ___vehicle


  3. When a camera shutter opens for a few thousandths of a second over and over in a quick succession _____shots are being takencandid


  4. In its original meaning, a _____was a full-scale preliminary drawing executed on paper for projectssuch as frescoes, stained glasss, oil paintings, or tapestriescartoon


  5. In both tempera abd oil painting, the surface of the wood or canvas is covered with a ground of powdered chalk or plaster and animal glue known as ____gesso


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