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  1. What is the primary function of wave summation?
    increase muscle tension
    prevent muscle relaxation
    produce smooth, continuous muscle contraction
    prevent muscle fatigue
  2. Which of the following would be recruited later in muscle stimulation when contractile strength increases?

    A) many small motor units with the ability to stimulate other motor units
    B) large motor units with small, highly excitable neurons
    C) motor units with larger, less excitable neurons
    D) motor units with the longest muscle fibers
  3. Cardiac muscle has a limited regenerative capacity.
  4. The force of muscle contraction is controlled by multiple motor unit summation or recruitment.
  5. The dense connective tissue of the epimysium is continuous with the ____ that connects the muscle to a bone.
  1. a C
  2. b produce smooth, continuous muscle contraction
  3. c true
  4. d tendon
  5. e True

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  1. False
  2. D
  3. secretion
  4. Binding of ATP
  5. a state of sustained partial contraction

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  1. Skeletal muscle fibers contain sarcomeres; smooth muscle fibers do not.False


  2. The giant protein titin maintains the organization of the ________ assisting in muscle stretching.myofibrils


  3. Which of the following is not a component of the standard treatment for muscle strain?
    rest of the muscle
    elevation of the limb
    stretching of the muscle
    ice on the muscle
    C) load placed on the muscle


  4. Which type of muscle CANNOT contract without being stimulated by the nervous system?

    A) skeletal
    B) smooth
    C) visceral
    D) cardiac
    D) diffusion of Na+ into the muscle fiber


  5. A fascicle is an organized group of muscle fibers bounded by a ______.thick myofilaments


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