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  1. Muscle tissue does NOT ________.

    A) generate heat
    B) produce movement
    C) produce blood cells
    D) maintain posture
    E) stabilize joints
  2. During vigorous exercise, there may be insufficient oxygen available to completely break down pyruvic acid for energy. As a result, the pyruvic acid is converted to ________.
  3. Immediately following the arrival of the stimulus at a skeletal muscle cell there is a short period called the ________ period during which the neurotransmitter is released by exocytosis, diffuses across the synaptic cleft, and binds to its receptors.
  4. The distance between Z discs ________ during muscle contraction.
    A) decreases
    B) increases
    C) decreases and then increases
    D) stays the same
  5. A contraction in which the muscle does not shorten but its tension increases is called isometric contraction.
  1. a A) decreases
  2. b lactic acid
  3. c C) produce blood cells
  4. d Latent
  5. e True

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  1. somatic motor neurons
  2. False
  3. skeletal
  4. acetylcholine
  5. myofibrils

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  1. What is the primary function of wave summation?
    increase muscle tension
    prevent muscle relaxation
    produce smooth, continuous muscle contraction
    prevent muscle fatigue
    produce smooth, continuous muscle contraction


  2. What is the most distinguishing characteristic of muscle tissue?

    A) the ability to transform chemical energy into mechanical energy
    B) the ability to respond to nervous stimulation
    C) the diversity of activity of muscle tissue
    D) the design of the fibers


  3. What structure in skeletal muscle cells functions in calcium storage?true


  4. Duchenne muscular dystrophy could theoretically be cured if a technique was developed that would _________.

    A) strengthen the dystrophin proteins that are present in the patient's muscle fibers
    B) double the existing number of dystrophin molecules in the patient's muscle fibers
    C) strengthen the thick and thin filaments in the patient's muscle fibers
    D) none of the above


  5. Skeletal muscle cells contain myoglobintrue


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