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  1. lunar libration
  2. tropic of capricorn
  3. gravity
  4. umbra
  5. summer solstice
  1. a a shadow, the fully shaded inner region of a shadow
  2. b below tropic of cancer, marks latitude
  3. c the day that starts summer
  4. d a force pulling together all matter
  5. e when the moon sways back and forth or moves back and forth

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  1. when a stream of charged particles interacts with, is deflected by the intrinsic magnetic field of a planet or similar body
  2. one of the northern lines that marks latitude
  3. when one object gets in between the first object and another object and blocks your view
  4. the effects of inertia that arise in connection with rotation and which are experienced as an outward force away from the center of rotation.
  5. the phase of the moon when it is in conjunction with the sun and visible from the earth

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  1. lunar eclipsewhen the sun is obscured by the moon


  2. rotationthe act of rotating around an axis or center


  3. perihelionwhere the earth is farthest from the sun


  4. crescentthe curved sickle shape of the waxing or waning moon


  5. atmospherea layer of gases surrounding the planet Earth that is retained by Earth's gravity


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