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  1. chagrin
  2. demagogue
  3. ornate
  4. salient
  5. unruly
  1. a annoyance or shame at having failed
  2. b most noticeable or most important
  3. c a political leader who appeals to popular desires and prejudice
  4. d disorderly and disruptive, difficult to control
  5. e elaborate or highly decorated

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  1. clever, origional, and inventive
  2. seeking to avoid revealing details; unwilling or hesitant to provide a direct answer
  3. advocating through political or social reform; political extreme. departing from tradition
  4. to ask eagerly, to make an urgent appeal
  5. attactively lively and animated; full of life; spirited

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  1. spontaniousclever, origional, and inventive


  2. luminousbright of shining, especially in the dark


  3. morbiddisorderly and disruptive, difficult to control


  4. fortitudestrength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage


  5. voraciouswanting or devouring great quantities of food, eagerly consuming something


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