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  1. abnormal
  2. salient
  3. stagnate
  4. discerning
  5. chagrin
  1. a to cease, to run, flow, or move
  2. b annoyance or shame at having failed
  3. c most noticeable or most important
  4. d deviating from what is normal
  5. e having or revealing keen insight and good judgment

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  1. long and strong
  2. careless in speech or action
  3. strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage
  4. an outbreak of public anger or excitement
  5. refuse to accept or be associated with. deny the truth or validity of

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  1. reprehensibleable to be accessed, friendly and easy to talk to, approachable


  2. skepticala person inclined to question or doubt accepted opinions. a person who doubts the truth or christianity or other religions


  3. evasivearousing intence distence distence or disgust


  4. beseechto ask eagerly, to make an urgent appeal


  5. lenientmerciful or tolerant


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