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  1. demagogue
  2. salient
  3. inevitable
  4. lenient
  5. gaunt
  1. a lean and haggard, especially through suffering, hunger, or age
  2. b most noticeable or most important
  3. c a political leader who appeals to popular desires and prejudice
  4. d merciful or tolerant
  5. e incapable of being avoided or prevented

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  1. having or showing an unhealty interest in unpleasent sujects
  2. regard as belonging to or being caused by
  3. an outbreak of public anger or excitement
  4. elaborate or highly decorated
  5. seeking to avoid revealing details; unwilling or hesitant to provide a direct answer

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  1. weltera large number of items in no order; a confused mass


  2. tantalizeto tease, torment by teasing


  3. voraciouswanting or devouring great quantities of food, eagerly consuming something


  4. querulouscomplaining in petulant or whining


  5. woefulto charm, enchant, or trick; to persuade or lead by deception


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