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  1. reticent
  2. docile
  3. demagogue
  4. chagrin
  5. salient
  1. a annoyance or shame at having failed
  2. b cool and formal in manner
  3. c most noticeable or most important
  4. d a political leader who appeals to popular desires and prejudice
  5. e ready to accept control or instruction; submissive; passive

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  1. pleased with oneself
  2. a physical movement or series of moves requirering skill and care. a carefully planned scheme or action
  3. merciful or tolerant
  4. an outbreak of public anger or excitement
  5. strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity with courage

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  1. beguilelong and strong


  2. welterslow to act, intended to cause delay


  3. vivaciousattactively lively and animated; full of life; spirited


  4. reprehensibledeserving blame or punishment


  5. burlylong and strong


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