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  1. repulsive
  2. woeful
  3. spontanious
  4. obtuse
  5. vow
  1. a full of sorrow, miserable
  2. b arousing intence distence distence or disgust
  3. c a solemn promise to oneself or to another
  4. d not planned or rehearsed
  5. e annoying, insensitive of slow to understand. more than 90 degrees but less than 180 degrees.

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  1. consisting people or familiar with people from many different countries and cultures
  2. regard as belonging to or being caused by
  3. deserving blame or punishment
  4. extremely thin; wasted away
  5. using or expressed in more words than are needed

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  1. reticentmerciful or tolerant


  2. lenientcool and formal in manner


  3. skepticaladvocating through political or social reform; political extreme. departing from tradition


  4. discerningclever, origional, and inventive


  5. stagnateto cease, to run, flow, or move


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