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  1. Normal Breathing Rates
  2. Valve
  3. Carpals
  4. Voluntary Muscle
  5. Artery
  1. a Muscle that can be consciously controlled. (i.e. pick something up)
  2. b Any blood vessel carrying blood away from the heart
  3. c A structure that opens and closes to permit the flow of a fluid in only one direction
  4. d The wrist bone
  5. e Adult: 12-20/minute Child: 15-30/minute Infant: 25-50/minute

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  1. The kneecap
  2. Tissue that connects bone to bone.
  3. Made up of two types of nerves; Sensory and Motor. Sensory send messages to the spinal cord and then to the brain (i.e. when touch something hot). Motor nerves send messages back to the body (i.e. move hand)
  4. When the left ventricle contracts sending a wave of blood through the atreries.
  5. Can be felt on the central part of the body. Carotid and femoral pulses. Can be felt when Peripheral pulses are too weak.

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  1. Red Blood CellsProtrusion on the side of the ankle. Lateral Malleolus is seen on the outer ankle(Fibula). Medial Malleolus is seen on the inner ankle(Tibia).


  2. VentriclesThe two lower chambers of the heart. The right sends oxygen poor blood to the lungs. The left send oxygen rich blood to the body.


  3. TarsalsThe foot bones


  4. Adequate ProfusionInadequate delivery of blood and other metabolic needs and inadequate removal of waste products.


  5. MandibleThe two fused bones forming the upper jaw


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