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  1. Central Nervous System
  2. Radius
  3. Trendelenburg Position
  4. ilium
  5. Dermis
  1. a The lateral bone of the forearm
  2. b The inner (second) layer of skin. It is rich in blood vesels and nerves, sweat glands, oil glands and hair follicles. Also houses the senses for touch, cold, heat, pain. Once it is opend to the outside world, contamination and infection become a major problem. 2nd degree burns
  3. c The superior and widest portion of the Pelvis
  4. d Brain and Spinal Cord. Nerves branch out from spianl cord to all areas of the body. Responds to external changes.
  5. e A position in which the patients legs and feet are higher than the head. Also called shock position

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  1. The ability of the heart to generate and conduct electrical impulses on its own.
  2. Shoulder, Hips
  3. The joint where the Acromion and the Clavicle meet.
  4. The toe bones and finger bones
  5. Acts as a blood filtration system. Filters out old blood cells and stores blood in many blood vessels that can be used in case of significant blood loss. Left upper quadrant of the abdominal cavity.

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  1. Normal BreathingBreathing is labored, Irregular rythem, agonal breathing, diminished or absent breath sounds


  2. InferiorAway from the head (e.g. Lips are inferior to the nose) DOWN


  3. LiverLargest internal organ produces bile which is excreted into the small intestine to assist in breakdown of fats. It also detoxifies harmful substances, stores sugar and assists in production of blood products. Upper right quadrant of the abdominal cavity.


  4. ProximalCloser to the torso or reference point


  5. TibiaThe medial anterior portion of the Pelvis


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