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  1. Zygomatic arches
  2. Epidermis
  3. Radius
  4. Palmar
  5. Posterior
  1. a The outer layer of the skin. Is composed of 4 layers except at the palms and soles of the feet. Those two regios have 5 layers of skin. The outermost layer is dead cells. Pigment is in deeper layers. The epidermis has no blood vessels or nerves. 1st degree burns
  2. b Reffering to the palm of the hand
  3. c The back of the body, or body part
  4. d The lateral bone of the forearm
  5. e Form the structures of the cheeks

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  1. The two upper chambers of the heart. The right atrium recieves unoxygenated blood returning from the body. The left atrium recieves oxygenated blood returning from the lungs.
  2. The system made up of the heart (cardio) and the blood vessels (vascular) the circulatory system
  3. On both sides
  4. The ankle bone
  5. The medial and larger bone of the lower leg.

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  1. Freely Movable jointsShoulder, Hips


  2. Posterior Tibial ArteryArtery supplying the foot. Behind the medial ankle


  3. SkullThe bony structure of the head


  4. Blood PressureThe pressure created in arteries when the left ventricle contracts and forces blood out into circulation. (Top Number)


  5. DiaphragmThe muscular structure that divides the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. A major muscle of respiration


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