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  1. Acromion Process
  2. Respiratory System
  3. Carebrum
  4. Distal
  5. Subcutaneous layers
  1. a Farther away from the torso
  2. b The system of nose, mouth, throat, lungs, and muscles that bring oxygen into the body and expell carbon dioxide.
  3. c Outermost region of the brain, controll specific body functions
  4. d The highest portion of the shoulder
  5. e The layer of fat and soft tissue found below the dermis. Shock absorbtion and insulation are the major functions. Issues of bloodstream contamination, bleeding and pain when these layers are exposed. 3rd drgree burns.

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  1. The pressure created in arteries when the left ventricle contracts and forces blood out into circulation. (Top Number)
  2. Reffering to the palm of the hand
  3. The muscular structure that divides the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity. A major muscle of respiration
  4. The medial and larger bone of the lower leg.
  5. The foot bones

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  1. Dorsalis Pedis ArteryThe major artery supplying the leg


  2. Small IntestineThe bones of the body.


  3. GallbladderReffering to the sole of the foot.


  4. Voluntary MuscleMuscle that can be consciously controlled. (i.e. pick something up)


  5. UnilateralReffering to the front of the body. A synonym of Anterior


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