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  1. Posterior
  2. Parietal Bone
  3. Parasympathetic Nervous System
  4. Phalanges
  5. Cranium
  1. a The top, back, and side fo the skull
  2. b The bones that are fused together on the sides of the skull
  3. c The toe bones and finger bones
  4. d Feed or Breed. Heart rate slows down, blood pressure decrease, digestion begins.
  5. e The back of the body, or body part

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  1. Toward the midline of the body.
  2. Muscular sac between the esophagus and small intestine where digestion of food begins. acidic gastric juices begin to break down food into components the body will use for energy.
  3. The kneecap
  4. The vessels that carry oxygenated blood from the lungs to the left atrium of the heart.
  5. Can be felt on the extremities of the Body. Radial, brachial, posterior tibial and dorsalis pedis pulses

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  1. Voluntary MuscleSpecialized involuntary muscle found only in the heart.


  2. PlateletsProduces insulin for regulation of sugar in the bloodstream. Also creates juices that assist in the breakdown of protien, carbohydrates and fat. Is a gland located behind the stomach.


  3. TorsoThe trunk of the body without the head or extremities


  4. Mid-Clavicular LineThe collarbone


  5. Anatomical PositionStandard reference of the body in the study of Anatomy. Body is standing erect, facing the observer, with arms down at sides and palms of the hands forward. Supination of palms


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