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  1. Torso
  2. Blood Pressure
  3. Adequate Profusion
  4. Nasal bones
  5. Venule
  1. a The force blood exerts against the walls of blood vessels. Arterial pressure is measured in the arteries.
  2. b The smalled kind of vein
  3. c The trunk of the body without the head or extremities
  4. d Delivery of blood and oxygen ond other nutrients to the tissues along with romval of waste products. To maintain adequate profusion, must have adequate blood volume, adequate pump of the heart and intact vascular system.
  5. e The nose bones

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  1. Reffering to the back of the body or hand. A synonym for Posterior
  2. The two lower chambers of the heart. The right sends oxygen poor blood to the lungs. The left send oxygen rich blood to the body.
  3. The layer of tissue between the body and the external environment. Has serveral functions, including Protection, Water Balance, Temperature Regulation, Excretion and shock absorbtion. Has three layers.
  4. A thin walled, microscopic blood vessel where the oxygen/carbon dioxide and nutrient/waste exchange with the body's cells takes place.
  5. The front of the body, or body part

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  1. Sympathetic Nervous SystemFeed or Breed. Heart rate slows down, blood pressure decrease, digestion begins.


  2. Diastolic Blood PressureThe highest portion of the shoulder


  3. Radial ArteryAny blood vessel carrying blood away from the heart


  4. InferiorThe smallest artery


  5. iliumThe lateral bone of the forearm


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