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  1. Malleolus
  2. Superior
  3. Autonomic Nervous System
  4. Vertebrae
  5. Systolic Blood Pressure
  1. a Protrusion on the side of the ankle. Lateral Malleolus is seen on the outer ankle(Fibula). Medial Malleolus is seen on the inner ankle(Tibia).
  2. b The pressure created in arteries when the left ventricle contracts and forces blood out into circulation. (Top Number)
  3. c Toward the head (e.g. chest is superior to the abdomine) UP
  4. d The 33 bones of the Spinal Column. Broken down into 5 sections, Cervical 7, Thorasic 12, Lumbar 5, Sacral 5, Coxic 4
  5. e Division of Preipheral nervous system the controls invoulutary motor functions such as digestion and heart rate

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  1. The layer of tissue between the body and the external environment. Has serveral functions, including Protection, Water Balance, Temperature Regulation, Excretion and shock absorbtion. Has three layers.
  2. The vessels that carry oxygen poor blood from the right ventricle to the lungs
  3. Inadequate delivery of blood and other metabolic needs and inadequate removal of waste products.
  4. Made up of two types of nerves; Sensory and Motor. Sensory send messages to the spinal cord and then to the brain (i.e. when touch something hot). Motor nerves send messages back to the body (i.e. move hand)
  5. Away from the head (e.g. Lips are inferior to the nose) DOWN

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  1. Adequate ProfusionDelivery of blood and oxygen ond other nutrients to the tissues along with romval of waste products. To maintain adequate profusion, must have adequate blood volume, adequate pump of the heart and intact vascular system.


  2. PelvisA flat surface formed when slicing through an object


  3. Nervous SystemSystem by which food travels through the body and is digested or broken down to absorbable forms by salavia and chewing. Except for the mouth and the esophagus, all organs of the digestive system are located in the abdominal cavity.


  4. UlnaThe medial bone of the forearm


  5. HypoperfusionThe supply of oxygen to and removal of waste from the cells as a result of the flow of blood through the capillaries


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