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  1. A sentence in the introduction paragraph that tells the topic of the three body paragraphs.
  2. Final paragraph of the essay.
  3. The river was a sparkling diamond in the sunshine.
  4. Some are short, some are long, different beginnings
  5. Describing words for what I see, hear, smell, taste, and feel.
  6. The sentence that tells what your entire essay is about.

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  1. OrganizationThe trees were dancing as the wind blew through the branches.


  2. ConventionsEverything is O.K.


  3. AlliterationThere is a beginning, a middle, and end


  4. IntroductionConsists of hook, thesis, and three main points.


  5. IdeasI have a topic, I have details


  6. BodyThe sentence that grabs the reader's attention


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