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  1. lucid
  2. reticent
  3. virulent
  4. eccentric
  5. squander
  1. a to waste
  2. b very harmful (like a virus)
  3. c odd; unusual; quirky
  4. d restrained; uncommunicative
  5. e clear; easy to understand

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  1. hopeless; without effect
  2. kind; good-hearted; generous
  3. to worship; to honor (think of reverend)
  4. overly submissive; cringing; like a servant
  5. without bias (as opposed to subjective)

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  1. conciliateto be creative; to introduce something new


  2. enigmamystery


  3. acutenot obvious


  4. piouslack of emotion or interest


  5. indifferentnot caring one way or the other; lacking a preference; neutral


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