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  1. conciliate
  2. squander
  3. relevant
  4. assess
  5. innovate
  1. a to waste
  2. b to estimate the value of; to measure
  3. c to soothe; to end a dispute; to reconcile
  4. d to be creative; to introduce something new
  5. e important; pertinent

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  1. sharp; intelligent
  2. varied
  3. acceptance of a situation
  4. extravagant; wasteful
  5. to examine closely

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  1. disdainto distinguish one thing from another


  2. impartialunbiased; neutral


  3. piousto estimate the value of; to measure


  4. diligentvery harmful (like a virus)


  5. temperto worship; to honor (think of reverend)


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