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  1. el puntaje
  2. el cerebro
  3. Quédate en cama y tómate este jarabe
  4. tener un calambre
  5. estar resfriado(a)
  1. a to have a cramp
  2. b Stay in bed and take this cough syrup.
  3. c to have a cold
  4. d brain
  5. e score

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  1. for someone to get a cramp
  2. swimming
  3. to get sick
  4. track and field
  5. player

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  1. el huesobone


  2. romperse (+ body part)to take some pills


  3. perder (ie)to put on


  4. el debatedebate


  5. tengo un dolor de cabeza que no se me quitato bump one's...


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