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  1. Inferior extent of pleura at mid-clavicular line
  2. Rib related to oblique fissure of lung posteriorly
  3. Needle location for therapeutic pleural tapping
  4. Inferior extent of pleura posteriorly
  5. Inferior extent of lung at mid-clavicular line
  1. a 6th rib
  2. b Superior to 12th rib, posteriorly
  3. c 8th rib
  4. d 2nd
  5. e 12th rib

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  1. Left 2nd interspace
  2. Bronchoconstriction, Vasodilation
  3. Cristae terminalis at the root of the SVC
  4. TV4-5
  5. Right ventricle

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  1. Veins that unite to form superior vena cavaSubclavian and internal Jugular


  2. Structures that lie to right and left of thoracic ductAzygos veins, aorta


  3. Name given to portion of right ventricle prior to beginning of pulmonary trunkconus arteriosum or infundibulum


  4. Inferior extent of lung at mid-axillary line10th rib


  5. Heart chamber with greatest sternocostal projectionSecond rib


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