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  1. Thoracic structures that can compress the esophagus
  2. Effect of sympathetic nerves on lungs
  3. Site for auscultation of tricuspid valve
  4. Needle location for therapeutic pleural tapping
  5. Heart chamber with greatest sternocostal projection
  1. a Superior to 12th rib, posteriorly
  2. b Right ventricle
  3. c Left bronchus, aorta and Diaphragm
  4. d Bronchodilation, Vasoconstriction
  5. e Xiphisternal joint

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  1. T5-9
  2. TV4-5
  3. Left atrium
  4. Myasthenia gravis
  5. T4

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  1. Effect of parasympathetic nerves on lungsBronchodilation, Vasoconstriction


  2. Rationale for aspirated small objects to go to right primary bronchusWider diameter, shorter and more vertical


  3. Veins that unite to form superior vena cavaRight and left Brachiocephalic


  4. Spinal levels of lesser splanchnic nerveT12


  5. Inferior extent of pleura at mid-axillary line8th rib


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