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  1. Effect of sympathetic nerves on lungs
  2. Veins that unite to form brachiocephalic
  3. Location of SA node
  4. Structures that lie to right and left of thoracic duct
  5. Disease often associated with thymoma
  1. a Bronchodilation, Vasoconstriction
  2. b Subclavian and internal Jugular
  3. c Azygos veins, aorta
  4. d Myasthenia gravis
  5. e Cristae terminalis

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  1. Phrenic nerve
  2. Aortic stenosis
  3. Phrenic nerve
  4. Superior vena cava
  5. Posterior interventricular Usual origin of SA and AV nodal arteries Right coronary artery

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  1. Level where ascending aorta is continuous with arch of aortaMyasthenia gravis


  2. Rib paralleled by horizontal fissure of right lung4th


  3. Rib associated with sternal angleSecond rib


  4. Inferior extent of pleura at mid-clavicular line6th rib


  5. Spinal levels of greater splanchnic nerveT5-9


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