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  1. Site for auscultation of pulmonary valve
  2. Major vessel that drains the musculature of the heart
  3. Spinal levels of greater splanchnic nerve
  4. Structure that lies immediately posterior to manubrium
  5. Name given to portion of right ventricle prior to beginning of pulmonary trunk
  1. a conus arteriosum or infundibulum
  2. b Left 2nd interspace
  3. c Coronary sinus
  4. d Thymus
  5. e T5-9

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  1. Intercostal nerve
  2. 2nd
  3. 12th rib
  4. Cristae terminalis at the root of the SVC
  5. TV4-5

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  1. Most common cause of systolic ejection murmurIntercostal nerve


  2. Chamber that forms apex of heartLeft atrium


  3. Location of SA nodeBetween left pulmonary artery and aorta


  4. Heart chamber that contains moderator bandRight ventricle


  5. Major chamber that forms base of heartLeft ventricle


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