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  1. Rib paralleled by horizontal fissure of right lung
  2. Needle location for therapeutic pleural tapping
  3. Termination of azygos vein
  4. Site for auscultation of mitral valve
  5. Nerve potentially injured with repair of patent ductus arteriosus
  1. a Left 5th interspace, mid-clavicular line
  2. b Superior to 12th rib, posteriorly
  3. c Superior vena cava
  4. d 4th
  5. e Left recurrent laryngeal Nerve

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  1. Right 2nd interspace
  2. 8th rib
  3. TV4-5
  4. Cristae terminalis at the root of the SVC
  5. 6th rib

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  1. Structure that lies immediately posterior to manubriumThymus


  2. Major chamber that forms base of heartLeft atrium


  3. Location of ductus arteriosusBetween left pulmonary artery and aorta


  4. Spinal levels of greater splanchnic nerveT10-11


  5. Rib related to oblique fissure of lung posteriorly10th rib


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