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  1. Vertebral level associated with sternal angle
  2. Innervation of fibrous pericardium
  3. Termination of azygos vein
  4. Spinal levels of lesser splanchnic nerve
  5. Chamber that forms apex of heart
  1. a Superior vena cava
  2. b T10-11
  3. c Left ventricle
  4. d Disc between TV4-5
  5. e Phrenic nerve

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  1. Phrenic nerve
  2. Coronary sinus
  3. Posterior interventricular Usual origin of SA and AV nodal arteries Right coronary artery
  4. Second rib
  5. Intercostal nerve

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  1. Disease often associated with thymomaSecond rib


  2. Effect of parasympathetic nerves on lungsBronchoconstriction, Vasodilation


  3. Rib paralleled by horizontal fissure of right lung4th


  4. Major chamber that forms base of heartLeft ventricle


  5. Level where arch of aorta is continuous with descending aortaTV4-5


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