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  1. Setting
  2. Epic
  3. Falling Action
  4. External Conflict
  5. Chorus
  1. a When a character struggles against an outside force. The four types are Man vs. Man; Man vs. Society; Man vs. Nature; Man vs. Fate
  2. b In Greek tragedies, a group of people who serve as commentators on the characters and events.
  3. c The time, place, and social environment that frames the characters.
  4. d A long narrative poem that celebrates the great deeds of at least one legendary hero. The three main characteristics are 1) fantastic geographies and exotic characters; 2) exhausting quests and difficult journeys; 3) heroic battles with monsters, supernatural beings and forces of nature.
  5. e The reader learns the characters' reactions to the climax.

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  1. The ending of the story. Possibly a "happily ever after."
  2. The main character of a TRAGEDY.
  3. Conversations between at least two characters.
  4. A story composed orally and then passed from person to person by word of mouth.
  5. A character who does not change throughout the course of the story and who the reader does not learn more about.

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  1. ToneThe author's attitude toward the subject matter.


  2. Indirect CharacterizationA use of the following elements: a character's looks, behaviour, thoughts, and actions/speech.


  3. SimileThe distinctive and unique manner in which a writer arranges words to achieve different effects. This may include DICTION.


  4. Hero/HeroineThe central character, usually the protagonist, who engages the reader's interest and empathy.


  5. DictionA reference to a well-known person, place, event, literary work, or work of art.


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