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  1. Dramatic Irony
  2. Mood
  3. Narrative Hook
  4. Epiphany
  5. Round Character
  1. a A character who shows more than one side, displays "random" emotions not commonly portrayed by the character.
  2. b The feeling (or ATMOSPHERE) created in the reader by a literary work or passage.
  3. c The point where the author captures the reader's attention with the main conflict.
  4. d When the reader or audience knows something the character does not know.
  5. e A moment in which a character has a sudden recognition of some truth.

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  1. The method used by a writer to develop a character.
  2. Type of literature that is based on a part of history but the plot is fictional.
  3. "The turning point in the story", the great emotional involvement. This is when the reader discovers whether the main character will or will not be successful.
  4. A character whose qualities or actions serve to emphasize those of the protagonist or some other character by providing a strong contrast.
  5. Words and phrases that create pictures using the five senses.

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  1. Indirect CharacterizationA use of the following elements: a character's looks, behaviour, thoughts, and actions/speech.


  2. ArchetypeA type of play where the main character is brought to ruin or suffers a great sorrow.


  3. Local ColorComparison of two unlike things using the verb "to be" instead of like or as.


  4. Blank VerseA writing that makes fun of or holds to contempt the faults of individuals or groups.


  5. Internal ConflictA character or force in conflict with the main character (protagonist) in a literary work.


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