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  1. Foil
  2. Flat Character
  3. Direct Characterization
  4. Narrative Hook
  5. Exposition
  1. a A character with only one side, displays a constant in terms of feeling and emotion.
  2. b A character whose qualities or actions serve to emphasize those of the protagonist or some other character by providing a strong contrast.
  3. c The point where the author captures the reader's attention with the main conflict.
  4. d A use of the following elements: a character's looks, behaviour, thoughts, and actions/speech.
  5. e The first segment of the plot, it is the background information of characters. This is not always part of a story.

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  1. A generalization about a person or group based on appearance, ethnicity, age, gender, profession etc.
  2. Al the meanings, associations, and emotions that a word suggests.
  3. A type of literature that appears to be real but is, in fact, fiction.
  4. A piece of writing designed to teach an ethical, moral, or religious lesson.
  5. Word play which involves either multiple meanings of a single word or the use of 2 words that sound alike but have different meanings.

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  1. ResolutionThe ending of the story. Possibly a "happily ever after."


  2. Rising ActionThe buildup of events and the presentation of the conflicts faced by the characters.


  3. HubrisExcessive pride or self-confidence that leads a protagonist to disregard a divine warning or to violate an important moral law.


  4. MythAn anonymous narrative originating from the primitive folklore of a culture that explains the origin of life, religious beliefs, and/or the forces of nature, and the deeds of a traditional superhero.


  5. SettingThe time, place, and social environment that frames the characters.


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