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  1. combinations (nCx)
  2. class
  3. population
  4. uniform histogram
  5. joint probability
  1. a Prob of intersection of two events
  2. b all elements being studied
  3. c number of ways x can be selected from n
  4. d interval of values between two numbers
  5. e has same frequency for each class

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  1. collection of measurements on a variable
  2. likelihood of a specific event
  3. all samples of same size have same chance of being selected
  4. fixed number in a study
  5. identical on both sides of central point

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  1. sample surveyevent with only one final outcome


  2. compound eventevent with more than one outcome


  3. variablethe portion of population studied


  4. discrete random variablecountable variable


  5. descriptive statsdisplays data using tables/graphs


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