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  1. variable
  2. joint probability
  3. permutation (nPx)
  4. median
  5. statistics
  1. a methods used to collect and analyze data to make decisions
  2. b middle number
  3. c combinations where order is important
  4. d characteristic under study with changes values
  5. e Prob of intersection of two events

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  1. data collected at different points or periods of time
  2. all elements being studied
  3. very small/large values relative to majority
  4. random variable that assumes any value
  5. prob. approaches actual prob. as experiment is repeated

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  1. data setreuslt of an experiment


  2. skewed histogramTail of one side of graph is larger than other


  3. grouped datadata with info on each sample individually


  4. elementaverage


  5. ungrouped datadata with info on each sample individually


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