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  1. population
  2. constant
  3. factorial
  4. complementary events
  5. statistics
  1. a fixed number in a study
  2. b !
  3. c all elements being studied
  4. d all outcomes except the one mentioned
  5. e methods used to collect and analyze data to make decisions

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  1. events that cannot occur together
  2. most occurring number
  3. the portion of population studied
  4. event that cannot occur
  5. prob. based on experience or belief

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  1. elementcollection of one or more outcomes


  2. bernoulli trialvery small/large values relative to majority


  3. continuous random variablevariable can assume any numerical value over an interval


  4. ungrouped dataunprocessed data


  5. permutation (nPx)all elements being studied


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