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  1. marginal probability
  2. dependent events
  3. probability
  4. skewed histogram
  5. measurement
  1. a Tail of one side of graph is larger than other
  2. b prob. of single event with consideration of another event
  3. c value of variable for an element
  4. d likelihood of a specific event
  5. e events that affect each other

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  1. variable can be measured numerically
  2. unprocessed data
  3. event that cannot occur
  4. events that cannot occur together
  5. all outcomes except the one mentioned

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  1. independent eventsevents that affect each other


  2. inferential statsuses sample results to make decisions and predictions


  3. subjective probabilityprob. based on experience or belief


  4. symmetric histogramTail of one side of graph is larger than other


  5. law of large numbersvalue determined by outcome of random experiment


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