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  1. marginal probability
  2. measurement
  3. raw data
  4. continuous random variable
  5. skewed histogram
  1. a unprocessed data
  2. b value of variable for an element
  3. c random variable that assumes any value
  4. d prob. of single event with consideration of another event
  5. e Tail of one side of graph is larger than other

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  1. data collected at same point or period of time
  2. countable random value
  3. repetition of binomial experiment
  4. most occurring number
  5. all events have equally likely outcomes

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  1. elementsubject which information is collected


  2. law of large numbersprob. approaches actual prob. as experiment is repeated


  3. censussurvey of all members of population


  4. uniform histogramTail of one side of graph is larger than other


  5. time-series datadata collected at different points or periods of time


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