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  1. qualitative variable
  2. ungrouped data
  3. combinations (nCx)
  4. sample survey
  5. simple event
  1. a survey of elements of sample
  2. b event with only one final outcome
  3. c number of ways x can be selected from n
  4. d data with info on each sample individually
  5. e variable cannot be measured numerically

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  1. all samples of same size have same chance of being selected
  2. all outcomes except the one mentioned
  3. midpoint of upper limit and next lower limit
  4. data collected at different points or periods of time
  5. the portion of population studied

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  1. random variablesample drawing where each element has a chance of being selected


  2. marginal probabilityprob. of one event given another already occurred


  3. meanmiddle number


  4. modemost occurring number


  5. mutually exclusiveevents that cannot occur together


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