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  1. discrete variable
  2. sample survey
  3. continuous variable
  4. dependent events
  5. skewed histogram
  1. a Tail of one side of graph is larger than other
  2. b countable variable
  3. c variable can assume any numerical value over an interval
  4. d survey of elements of sample
  5. e events that affect each other

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  1. value of variable for an element
  2. middle number
  3. data presented in frequency distribution
  4. all elements being studied
  5. !

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  1. continuous random variablerandom variable that assumes any value


  2. impossible eventevent that cannot occur


  3. uniform histogramTail of one side of graph is larger than other


  4. simple eventevent with only one final outcome


  5. combinations (nCx)number of ways x can be selected from n


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