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  1. permutation (nPx)
  2. grouped data
  3. dependent events
  4. cumulative frequency distribution
  5. mode
  1. a events that affect each other
  2. b data presented in frequency distribution
  3. c combinations where order is important
  4. d most occurring number
  5. e total number values below upper boundary of each class

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  1. number of ways x can be selected from n
  2. all samples of same size have same chance of being selected
  3. data with info on each sample individually
  4. methods used to collect and analyze data to make decisions
  5. countable random value

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  1. representative samplesample that represents characteristics of pop. as closely as possible


  2. surveycollection of data on elements of sample


  3. time-series datadata collected at different points or periods of time


  4. random variablevalue determined by outcome of random experiment


  5. data setinterval of values between two numbers


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