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  1. measurement
  2. conditional probability
  3. representative sample
  4. cross-section data
  5. element
  1. a sample that represents characteristics of pop. as closely as possible
  2. b prob. of one event given another already occurred
  3. c data collected at same point or period of time
  4. d subject which information is collected
  5. e value of variable for an element

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  1. survey of all members of population
  2. survey of elements of sample
  3. countable random value
  4. variable can assume any numerical value over an interval
  5. methods used to collect and analyze data to make decisions

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  1. meanaverage


  2. independent eventsevents that do not affect each other


  3. quantitative variablevariable can be measured numerically


  4. grouped datadata presented in frequency distribution


  5. inferential statsevents that do not affect each other


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