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  1. compound event
  2. ungrouped data
  3. complementary events
  4. qualitative variable
  5. class
  1. a all outcomes except the one mentioned
  2. b interval of values between two numbers
  3. c variable cannot be measured numerically
  4. d event with more than one outcome
  5. e data with info on each sample individually

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  1. Tail of one side of graph is larger than other
  2. sample that represents characteristics of pop. as closely as possible
  3. uses sample results to make decisions and predictions
  4. value of variable for an element
  5. all samples of same size have same chance of being selected

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  1. populationall elements being studied


  2. meanmiddle number


  3. dependent eventsevents that affect each other


  4. modemiddle number


  5. eventcollection of one or more outcomes


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