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  1. dependent events
  2. subjective probability
  3. conditional probability
  4. independent events
  5. survey
  1. a events that affect each other
  2. b events that do not affect each other
  3. c collection of data on elements of sample
  4. d prob. based on experience or belief
  5. e prob. of one event given another already occurred

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  1. fixed number in a study
  2. random variable that assumes any value
  3. countable random value
  4. collection of one or more outcomes
  5. characteristic under study with changes values

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  1. mutually exclusivevery small/large values relative to majority


  2. simple eventevent with only one final outcome


  3. marginal probabilityprob. of single event with consideration of another event


  4. outcomevery small/large values relative to majority


  5. statisticsinterval of values between two numbers


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